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Feb 20, 2008 06:04 AM


I have never seen any comments on this restaurant in the Gansevoort Hotel in the meatpacking section. I see by their menu that they seem to cater to an Asian palate which is appealing to me.
I'd like to know you expert Chowies' opinions.

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  1. I had a restaurant week lunch there not long after it opened. I remember some skewered stuff with fancy-pants sauces that was quite good. And sushi, maybe? Here's more:

    But I barely remember the meal, so make of that what you will.

    1. My favorite sushi place in the city. Unfortunately, it's not much longer for this world.

      1. Think Tao and Lotus. To seen and to be seen, but food is forgettable.

        1. The sushi is good, not great. Its more of a place you go for the atmosphere and scene than the food. The drinks are very good however but service is fair. It is certainly not a cheap place especially given its in the meatpacking district. If it was summer and you could enjoy the outdoor garden then I'd say it is worth a visit but since its still winter, its not a must.

          For more reviews:

          1. Been many times and the food seems to get progressively worse. I went when it first opened and thought the cooked dishes such as the skewers over the hot stone and most of the big plates were tasty. Went back for a Valentine's Day dinner to be disappointed by the prefix but gave it the benefit of the doubt since it's hard to judge any place in NYC on that particular day. I also worked in the area so I would go there for lunch meetings where I finally figured out how awful the food is after several more disappointments.

            One of the worst things I ever ate: oyster shooter with quail egg and toasted sesame seeds on the rim of a shot glass. Could be good right but it was warm, slimy, and yet somehow dry with the sesame. Used to love oysters on the half shell. I had this about a year ago and still haven't been able to look at an oyster the same ever since.

            Probably a decent place for drinks in the open area in the back.

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              Thank you all. I got the picture.
              What would I do without you? [g]