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Jan 19, 2002 03:22 PM

chicken/turkey pot pies

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I'm a transplanted New Englander in search of an all-meat (no veggies!) chicken or turkey pot pie.Most grocery stores or farm stands in MA stock them, but I've never seen any out here.Any suggestions?

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  1. The British food shops in Santa Monica do an acceptable (if not a bit lardy) pie. Try the one (I think it's the Tudor House) on 2nd, just south of Santa Monica Blvd. They're always a bit surly inside but the pies aren't bad. There's a few curry selections, a veggie, and the standard chicken, beef, and lamb pies. The same folks patrol the weekly Wednesday farmers market at Santa Monica and 3rd.

    1. This is not definitive, but possibilities you might want to check out. In Santa Monica Polly's Pies has a chicken pot pie I think, also Koo Koo Roo sometimes has them. You might call and ask about the sans veggies part. Good luck!

      1. San Vicente Market on San Vicente at Bundy in Brentwood has VERY good chicken pies, plenty of meat, flaky crust and good gravy and a little carrot. Mostly meat, very fresh and rated tops in this house. They are in the deli section and freeze well.

        1. Try La Palma Chicken Pie Shop on Euclid in Anaheim. Turn left on Euclid from the 5 freeway. And it will be on the right side of the street. You can't miss it. It has a big sign of a chicken.
          P.S. The pie has no veggies.

          1. moffetts chicken pie shops in arcadia and downey/south gate. veggies free chicken and beef pies. refrigerated oe frozen. whole dozen, 1/2 dozen or individual pies.