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Feb 20, 2008 05:37 AM

Soy Milk (and Cereal) in Central London

I've recently moved to the West End and miss my old faithful weekday breakfast: a bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal with *Light* Vanilla Silk brand soy milk. Boring it may be, but it's super-healthy, gives great energy well into the morning and means I can splurge on chowish eats later in the day.

I sorely miss my Silk Light Vanilla. Is there anywhere in central London that sells it? Perusing the supermarket shelves, I get the feeling that Londoners aren't really big soy milk drinkers. In Silk's absence, I've tried Waitrose's Sweetened soy milk (not bad flavor but rather high fat) and Alpro(?) Light Unsweetened soy milk, which is low-fat but tastes horrid. I'm looking for soy milk that's a little sweet or flavored but that has less than 5 grams of fat per 250mls. Any ideas? Otherwise, I might have to try pouring a little vanilla extract into the gross Alpro stuff to see if that helps.

Still on the topic of breakfast, I haven't had any luck finding Kashi brand cereal yet in London (I've tried Fresh and Wild in Soho but haven't made the trek to the Whole Foods yet). The best substitute I've found in terms of low-cal, high protein, high fiber, low fat (oh my!) is Vogel's Vita Pro Gluten Free cereal at the John Lewis Food Hall on Oxford Street. Expensive, though, at £3/box. Everywhere else I've been, the allegedly healthy cereals are fat-and-calorie-dense granolas, or absolutely tasteless Kellogg's All-Bran-type offerings with barely any fiber. Has anyone seen Kashi cereal in London? Or Vogel's for less money? Or some third cereal that can match these for health (low-cal, decent protein, 8-plus grams of fiber) and flavor?

Thanks in advance and apologies for offending any hounds who roll their eyes at such health concerns.

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  1. I'm fairly sure you might find Kashi at Whole Foods. It's popular in the States, and I'm pretty sure they carry it there. I haven't been to the London branch yet either. If it helps at all, Tesco's Bran and Honey Flakes cereal has 11 grams of fiber for each 100 grams. That's a lot compared to most 'healthy cereals.' All medical data shows that having a lot of fiber a day is a very good way of staying healthy so I won't roll my eyes. Better not to have regrets about having eaten a rubbish diet when one gets to be 50 or 60. I have too many friends now paying the price for having done that.

    1. I've never heard of it I'm afraid, but you could try Holland & Barrett on Oxford Street, or there's a posh wholefood shop on Marylebone High Street that stocks a good variety of cereals.

      I only really eat homemade granola, but I've heard good things about the widely available Dorset Cereals - have you tried them?

      1. It is stocked in the UK - not the whole range, but some products: (http://www.kashi.co.uk/products.html) I'd try Holland and Barrets/Fresh & Wild/Planet Organic for their range of soy/non-dairy 'milk' as they tend to have a much bigger range than supermarkets. I know that Rice Dream make a vanilla flavour, and Alpro do in the long-life range (on the shelf rather than in the fridges). Finally, I'll plug my local health food shop - the fantastic Baldwins on Walworth Rd, near Elephant & Castle (http://www.baldwins.co.uk/) as they're fantastic - great range, very helpful staff! Try a slightly bigger supermarket (there's a big Asda & Tesco both on the Old Kent Rd), have a look at http://www.goodnessdirect.co.uk/cgi-l.... HTH!

        1. There are some small health food stores that stock Kashi. I think the Vogel is expensive because its the same one they have in Australia so its very specialty here.
          There are some lovely other products they stock at fresh and wild - spelt based (so low gluten) and some lovely muselis with loads of protein. Another option is to make your own museli, then you can control fibre, gluten and fat how you prefer.
          The one thing Id say with soy milk is that you can become accustomed to the flavour - so maybe you dont like alpro because its unfamiliar and with some more time it might improve?

          1. I just moved from NYC a couple of months ago and had the same problem. Nothing compared to silk soy milk though I was more of an oatmeal girl so I can't make comparisons on the Kashi front. I have, however, after trying almost every variety of soy milk in this city, found something comparable where I was least expecting it. Marks and Spencer's own brand soy milk. In a little yellow carton, it is sweet with a slight vanilla-y flavour. As close to vanilla silk as I think you're going to find over here. Hope it meets your needs. Oh and I don't know exactly what's in Kashi cereal but wholefoods have their own "muesli bar" where you can fill a container with all sorts of grains,nuts, dried fruits etc...