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Feb 20, 2008 05:35 AM

Tyson's Buffett in Rockville

Who has been. Is it any good. Please keep in mind I know it is a buffet- but I am looking for a good chinese buffett. Any details.

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  1. I was there on a fri night when it first opened a few months ago. There are some very authentic and different seafood and noodle dishes, as well as a grill. You will also find french fries and chicken fingers. I believe the price was $12.95 for adults. Most desserts tasted alike. It seems you are going with your eyes open. If you choose wisely, you will have a decent meal. It's large and noisy. Having said all this, I have not been back, probably because I'd rather go to other Asian places in Rockville.

    1. I'm not personally in to buffets, but my Chinese senior citizens parents are connoisseurs of the Chinese buffet scene. I have frequented the Tyson's Buffet with them. We've tried all of the other Chinese buffets, Tyson's is definitely the BEST in the Wash Metro area. It has the most variety of authentic Chinese dishes, stations of noodle soups, bbq, salads, desserts, and some American food dishes too. Since it's still rather new, it's also cleaner. I believe it's one of the largest Chinese buffet restaurants of its type in the MidAtlantic. The price is amazing for the variety of decent Chinese food.

      1. We went there on a Saturday about three weeks ago and it was way above average for a buffet. Worth the price. I am aware there are better sushi places, and better noodle houses, but if you want an assortment this does just fine.

        1. Probably the best Chinese buffet in Maryland, but that may be not be saying much. It's definitely clean and offers a fairly good selection of food. There are a couple rows of the typical Chinese buffet fare, one row of American food, a salad bar, Chinese soup bar with 8 or so options (surprisingly they have shark fin soup), pho/noodles bar, sushi bar, grill, and desserts (I love the mini egg tarts and mochi, but you have to get these as they come out of the kitchen because everyone steals them fast). Most of the food is excessively oily, as to be expected from a buffet. I personally think the price is a tiny bit steep for Chinese, but I guess you're paying for the variety. But overall, I think it's worth a trip if you're interested in a Chinese buffet.

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            Went back for lunch and it was again very good IMHO. The duck alone is worth the modest price. I also liked the fried pork chops and the noodle stuff. Wish they had sticky rice in lotus leaf, only complaint.