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Feb 20, 2008 05:21 AM

Fried Pickle Chips

I just got back from NYC and I went to a pretty good BBQ place called "The Hog Pit". They had an appetizer called "Fried Pickle Chips". Basically, they took a New Dill pickle, sliced lengthwise, dipped in (what I guess) a buttermilk based batter, and then deep fried. They were served with a small container of Tartar sauce.

I've done a bit of searching and it seems like this is a southern U.S. creation and I was wondering if anyone knows of a restaurant in the GTA that has Fried Pickle Chips on the menu.

P.S. If you're ever in the U.S. and you see these on the menu, I highly recommend them...very tasty, if a bit odd.

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    1. In the south the pickles are usually cut crosswise not lengthwise.


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      1. re: Davwud

        They do serve them at O'grady's on Church St. They are more like deep fried pickle spears. My issue with this form is that the pickle gets very limp inside it's fried shell and if you don't bite through well enough, the whole pickle will come out and you're left holding a fried crust thing. It was interesting but nothing I'd order again. The texture of warm pickle spear with the bland batter wasn't so great.

        I much prefer the well spiced, sideways sliced version that I've had a couple of times in the states.

        1. re: abigllama

          I went to both Ein-steins and O'Grady's (on Church) and both had the bulk of their menu supplied by my new arch-enemy: Sysco. I wasn't suprised that Ein-steins had these limp, tasteless versions of a southern favouite, but after going to O'Grady's (and having the outside of the restaurant covered by signs advertising "Home-Made Soups", "Fresh Desserts", etc.), I expected something better. The actual true low point was in Ein-steins. I was sitting there dumfounded by how bad these pickles truly were and then my wife noticed a sign that said "Try our hand-battered shrimp" and I noticed that there were thinly sliced pickles on my plate. I called over the waitress and asked her that if they had the sliced pickles and they were making hand battered shrimp, could they make me a fresh fried pickle ship. She then told me that the hand-battered shrimp were actually frozen as well. This has got to stop. There must be a bar in Toronto where something other than the beer is made fresh.

          Why is it that we can't abide by a restaurant serving frozen anything, but it is okay when you go to your local pub for pretty much everything off the menu (with the exception for the out of season salad) to have emerged from the deep-freezer and thrown into the deep-fryer. If this is all that's need to cook in a pub, then why can't some design a robot to do it and be done with it! The food tastes like it was prepared by one any way!

          (Disclaimer: I have the utmost respect for those of you who work in a kitchen - any kitchen - you are a much braver person than I)

          I'm not demanding that Mark McEwan start cooking for every pub in Toronto, but what I am saying is that the places have to start being accountable for what is put on the menu. In this day and age, I would gladly pay an extra dollar (or two) to have the option of fresh cut fries (and wait the time it takes) than have another batch of bland frozen crap. I now know what the colour gray tastes tastes like everything that comes out of a deep fryer.

      2. In London ON you can get a whole pickle battered and deep fried...once s friend brought me back one to try, wasn't bad, certainly interesting...

        1. Turtle Jacks

          Locations all over the GTA/Ontario

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            Most likely frozen (provided by Sysco). But I do have an update to my running pickle rant: Mrs. Ubervache called the Cloak & Dagger (pub on College just East of Bathurst) and they do indeed prepare their own fried pickle chips! They were actually quite surprised when Mrs. Ubervache told them that other bars in T.O. were serving fried pickles (albeit frozen). I will report back once I have tried them.