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Feb 20, 2008 05:04 AM

Fresco in East Brunswick

Anyone been? I have been driving by it for a while now....always saying I'm going to try it....but I sometimes have a weird turnoff to strip-mall restaurants.

Looking forward to some reviews!

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  1. Is it on Route 18? If so, which strip is it in? (Note: I have no aversion to restaurants in strips. Just restaurants in strips, Italian or otherwise, that have poor or mediocre food.)

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      no, it's on Ryders lane next to the Taco Bell and Billiards hall. The menu looks pretty good and fair priced. I think I'm going to give it a try anyway on Friday.

      1. re: RPMcMurphy

        That doesn't really help me to figure out where it is because I don't know where on Ryders Lane the Taco Bell and billiards are located. In any event, if you do "take one for the team," I look forward to reading your report.

        1. re: RGR

          RGR, Ryder's Lane is one of those streets (or lanes) that run through several towns. It confuses me greatly!

          If you go to the Fresco web site and click on 'Directions', you'll see a small map that shows the location. Fresco seems to be owned by the same people who own LouCas in Edison. While I've always enjoyed eating at LouCas, that restaurant has received decidedly mixed reviews on some foodie forums.

          1. re: ambrose

            Thanks, ambrose, for mentioning that Fresco is owned by the LouCas folks.


            They also own Ponte Vecchio, in Old Bridge, right across the way from Thai Thai. I take it that you have not eaten at Fresco, but have you tried Ponte Vecchio?

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              I don't think so. That may seem a strange response but I honestly don't know! I used to work near Old Bridge and a bunch of us went out for dinner one night. I paid absolutely no attention to where we were going but there's a chance it was to Ponte Vecchio!

              Does it count that I once had a wonderful meal at a restaurant named Ponte Vecchio in London (a very long time ago)? :-))

          2. re: RGR

            If you know where Tices Lane is on Rt. 18, you turn left (take the jughandle) if you're travelling northbound or right if you're travelling southbound. Then, turn left onto Ryders Lane. The strip mall is on the right and it has it's own light at the entrance, even though it's not very big.

      2. I have been. We went in June for a friends' birthday. We had a large party and a reservation. I found it annoying when we had to wait 30 minutes. The food was good, along the same lines as LouCas, but focused more on seafood. I'm trying to remember what I ate - I seem to remember the wonderful wine that we all shared more. I think we started with a few appetizers, including calamari and escargot. I enjoyed both. For dinner, I had the seafood risotto. It was very good. No one had any complaints about the meal. I think I was more annoyed by the service and staff than anything else. I do like LouCas better.

        1. I have been to Lou Ca's and like it..although I simply think they "kill" their pasta dishes with all that buffalo mozzarella. Never been to Fresco...curious to hear...also BYOB, right?

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            I find all the restaurants owned by this group of owners pretty similar. Never tried Loucas, but have been to Frescos, Ponte Vecchio and I was under the impression that La Piazza Seafood Grill in Mount Rock Shopping Center in Freehold is also the same owners. They all even have the same Chilean Sea Bass over leeks with rock shrimp as one of the specials ALL THE TIME. Mix things up a little guys. The food is good, not what I'd consider "knock your socks off" dining and I find the menu and the specials do not vary very much at all. Frescos I think has limited pasta dishes because of a pasta restaurant in the same shopping center (is it Macaroni Grill??). I guess restrictions were placed on Frescos. Ponte Vecchio has pastas. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Its been a while since Ive gone to either. I was finding them all to be repetitive

            1. re: charmel

              I think the place nearby is called the Marcaroni Factory.

              1. re: njeggy1

                Tomato Factory if I can remember....

                thanks for all the info guys....the regular menu looks pretty good to me since I like steak and the lady in my life likes seafood.....since it's 5 minutes away seems like a good place to at least try.

            2. Checked out this place on Friday, pretty good BYOB place. Service was good, food was good, although, my steak was a little overcooked to what I ordered (medium rare, came more medium to med-well)

              I would return. The atmosphere was good, and the menu and prices were pretty good.

              I was a little miffed to find out that they had a 14oz ribeye on special, as opposed to the 24oz on the menu, prepared the same, and when I received the check it was I think a dollar or two MORE than the 24oz haha.

              nevertheless it was a good place for being local, nothing to rave about, I'd return.

              I had the ribeye special, girlfriend had the 8oz filet (which looked actually really good) I had the ravioli as appetizer, she had french onion. 2 desserts (hey, it was friday night) and the check came to 75$. (without the BYOB)