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Feb 20, 2008 04:51 AM

Belford Bistro (Belford NJ)

I was delighted to see an elegant bistro open up in Campbell’s Junction, Belford. We went on a Thursday evening. There were several tables occupied. The place was about 25% full. There was only one waiter. He was a bit rushed, but very professional and cordial. I was impressed that the service was well-paced, given that it’s a new kitchen with lots of customers and only one waiter.

Cream of tomato soup. Husband loved it. I’m not a fan of tomato soup, but I found it tasty. My scallop appetizer was good. I would have like them cooked a minute longer. The presentation was very nice.
NY strip steak, with a green sauce (pesto?) and fries. Cooked medium rare as requested. We liked it, but we couldn’t help comparing it to the steak at Drew’s. Drew has set a very high bar for cooking steak.
“The Bomberger” hamburger. I ordered it medium. It came rare. I was too hungry to request more cooking. It was a good burger. I really like the homemade fries. Perfectly cooked, nicely seasoned.

The décor is simple, monochrome, and well-thought out. Nice lighting.

I wish the young chef/owners much success with this restaurant. On my one visit, I felt they are talented and on a good path. The food was good, but didn’t quite thrill me. However, I’m very picky. I like their elegant simplicity with good quality ingredients. Fresh, clean, and simple. I’m looking forward to another try, and to see how the place develops.

Note to RGR: The bread and butter report. Very good fresh rolls. Butter, served in a ramekin, was good but quite salty. .

Chef/owners are Kurt Bomberger and Crista Trovato.

Belford Bistro
870 Main St, Belford (between Sissy’s and Naples Pizza)

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  1. Thanks for the report val. The restaurant sounds promising and is the type of establishment I like to root for. Embarrassingly, I never heard of Belford before and had to look it up on Mapquest. Now I know. Those Northern Monmouth towns seem to fly underneath my radar for some reason. Not anymore. Thanks again.

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      buqut1 - don't feel so bad...I'm living here 25 years and have not heard of Belford till now. I was looking for a menu on line but couldn't find one...can anyone do this for me?

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        shesallthat -- There is no web address on their business card. The menu is American bistro food -- grilled chicken, pasta dishes, salads, steak, burgers. Nothing unusual. I think they are going for classic dishes made with skill. They serve lunch, dinner, and brunch.

        b - I'm eager to hear your opinion.

        P.S. All chowhounds are invited to the opening reception of my photography exhibit. See the link on my chowhound profile. (Please, no discussion on this board. I don't want to irk the moderators.)

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          The website is coming soon!

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          Hey, b.,

          We've been here much longer than shesallthat, going on 40 years, and Belford is a new one on me as well! I just Mapquested to figure out exactly where this restaurant is located.

        3. Hey, val,

          Thanks for reporting on this place. You know I'm even pickier than you are! lol But even though you said it didn't thrill you to bits, just because it's -- shock of shocks -- *not* Italian is reason enough for me to consider trying it. "Fresh, clean, and simple," "elegant simplicity with good quality ingredients," all work for me. Oh, and thanks also for the special bread and butter report. No dipping oil! Another excellent reason for me to check this place out! :-))

          1. Heard on the street today:
            Belford Bistro gets their desserts from the Flaky Tart.
            Two people told me the crab cakes are very good. (I don't eat crab.)

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              If the Flaky Tart info is true, that is definitely a major plus for Belfrod Bistro [says she who has not yet managed to get to Flaky Tart in person but had the opportunity to sample some of the fabulous goodies thanks to you, val. :-) ]

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. Welcome bwjwsw, I'm glad to hear another report on Belford Bistro! Maybe I sounded critical in my first report, but I like the place and have every intention of going there often.

                We had our second visit there on a Monday evening and we were very pleased. I ordered the soup on special and a Bistro Salad. Mr C had the crab cakes entree.

                It was a vegetable soup with diced fresh bacon, spinach, tomato, and white bean. At $5, a good value. It came with a packet of imported grissini. The broth was delicious, based on well-crafted stock. I was so pleased to get a properly-made soup in a moderately-priced restaurant. How seldom that happens. I sopped up all that broth with the excellent fresh-baked olive rolls.

                The Bistro Salad was very good, and a generous portion. The greens were fresh and clean. They don't use pre-bagged salad.

                I'm told the crab cakes were very good. My husband did not speak while he was enjoying them. A definite sign of approval. He said the two large crabcakes were nearly all crabmeat.

                Our bill for 1 soup, bistro salad with chicken, and crabcakes entree was about $45, not including tip.