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Feb 20, 2008 04:47 AM

Freeze Fish?

Hi - Was wondering if fish is ok to freeze. Are there any types of fish that stand better to freezing as opposed to others? Was wondering about wild striped bass, black cod and white fleshed fish in general.

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  1. Yes, all freeze perfectly well. Best to freeze in the form you're going to use the fish later--fillets, steaks, whole.

    1. As Sam stated, fish freezes well. Best if you can vacuum seal since it is very prone to freezer burn. Some people like to freeze it in a layer of ice to protect the flesh.

      1. I've frozen fish in two ways, both successfully: in a water tight plastic bag completely immersed in water to form a solid block of ice into which the fish is encased, or using a food saver. If you use the food saver, be sure to freeze the fish before pulling the vacuum. If you don't, as the bag compresses the fish, juices will be squeezed out and the bag won't seal properly.

        1. We freeze fish all summer as that is our staple food for the entire year. The best thing is to get a vacumn packer and make sure your fish is patted dry before you pack it. It will keep for months this way but white fish tends to be a bit dryer than say, salmon, when you cook it if its been frozen for a too long. At that point, I put it in things that have sauce. Our standard is to take any remaining fish at the beginning of the next season and smoke it.

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            A vacuum packer is definitely the way to go. Foodsaver makes one of the better ones. Beware the cheesy cheaper models or knockoffs. I knew one guy who lived along a major Alaska salmon river who had a commercial packer ... an amazing machine.

          2. The faster you freeze them the less texural loss you'll have.