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Feb 20, 2008 04:16 AM

Good Calamari in Baltimore?

Lately I've been craving calamari. Any suggestions on who makes it really well, not so battered and fried that you don't taste the calamari? In the past I've enjoyed it from BlueStone. Looking for Balto Co. or City.

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  1. I loved the calamari in Little Italy at La Tavola's. Light, crispy and tender!!!!!

    1. It's been a few years since I've had it, but I used to get really, really good fried calamari at Ding How in Fells Point.

      1. Bartenders on Boston St. has good calamari. And it's different than the typical frozen stuff you get everywhere. Not breaded, fried or overcooked at all. Just sauteed with tomatoes, garlic and wine. It's great as a starter with one of their pizzas.

        1. Grilled or fried at Samos is the best I know of - especially the grilled. One time I had calamari at The Chameleon Cafe as an appetizer and it was battered and fried a certain way that had little flavor but came alive with the salsa it was served with - very very good - Michael Smith is like a Rocket Scientist of a Chef. Ikaros had pretty good fried calamari - I think that is one of the things they are known for. Also, Italian places generally offer fried calamari.

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            I've liked the fried calamari at Ikaros in the past, but the last time I had it there it wasn't so good. I'm not sure if it was overcooked or if the oil was old. I hope it was just a fluke.

            1. re: Hal Laurent

              Wow, I hope it IS a fluke. I vividly remember how good it was. I've always been happy at Ikaros except for one time when the Waitress was too buisy for the number of tables she had and the service was a total nightmare. It's a good thing my bleeding-heart Mother was treating that night because I would have screwed her on the tip or at least reamed her a new one.

              1. re: Hal Laurent

                I'm with whitemarshjohn. I do hope it's a fluke. Ikaros was the best around. Zorba's is pretty good too.

                1. re: Hal Laurent

                  Oh Oh, I thought I just hit them on an off day, but the last two times I had their calamari, it wasn't up to normal opinon it was old oil..

                2. re: Whitemarshjohn

                  yes samos...great calamari! lots of other really good stuff too.

                3. I've not had it in Baltimore but [ducking her head to avoid the blows} I had the best I've ever had at PF Changs in Palm Beach's with salt and pepper and served with a non-traditional sauce.

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                  1. re: crosby_p

                    The calamari at Oceanaire is excellent. I think they serve it with a spicy chili sauce

                    1. re: bbhoover

                      I'd second this rec. I personally am very anti-Oceanaire in most aspects, but I really enjoyed their calamari. Very different than what you normally get with great texture and flavors.