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Favourite fine food shop in Manhattan

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I am coming to New York for a week of restaurant extravaganza... however I would like to bring back home some fine foodie souveniers.

What would be the best choice (or at least your favourite) for a specialized fine food/wine/small cookware shop with good choice (pls. not a dept. store)

Location - prefrebly midtown east but for a nice place I am willing to invest a cab ride...

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  1. For baked goods, Greenberg's

      1. Bridge Kitchenware is my favorite cookware store and it is in Midtown. Note that the entrance is on the side street. There are a number of good chocolate stores in midtown - Marcolini, Teuscher come to mind. Sherry Lehman (wine) is on Park Avenue and maybe 58th or 59th Street. Can't think of any gourmet food stores in the area off hand.

        Bridge Kitchenware
        49 Eagle Rock Ave, East Hanover, NJ 07936

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        1. Grand Central Market has some specialized market items.

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          1. Murray's Cheese...not Midtown East, but it's worth the hike


            1. Don't know how I forgot them - Ideal Cheese - in Midtown, and wonderful.

              Ideal Cheese Shop
              942 1st Ave, New York, NY 10022

              1. I've carved up the city by type of specialty food/cuisine. A few faves follow: for wine, Moore Bros. on 20th bet. Bway and Park Ave. South; for Italian cheeses/pasta/uvoo/etc., DiPalo's, on the corner of Grand and Mott Sts.; for meats, there's many places, but my go-to place is Ottomanelli's on Bleecker; another great cheesemonger is Saxelby's, in the Essex St. Market on the LES. If you do venture into that neighborhood, be sure to link to the inveterate CHer RGR'S tour of the Lower Easrt Side (do a search); for cookware, the Bowery is good, or Bway Panhandler on 8th St., near Bway. Bridge is also very fine. The great thing abt. nyc is that many neighborhoods have their specialty shops, and so food discoveries can abound.

                Many out-of-towners have fun at Chelsea Market, which has lots of food specialty shops, along with a kitchen supply store (spans 9th and 10th Aves. bet. 15th and 16th Sts.).

                And you may have fun (and luck) just wandering through Chinatown.

                Enjoy, and if you have the inclination, report back on your findings!