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mcdonald's not melted cheese?

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i had maybe 2 cheeseburgers in 2007 and one recently from mcdonald's and the thing that gets me is that the "cheese" is NEVER melted anymore!! it's always like a "raw" slice of cheese on top of the hamburger. i'm not sure if they're using a different fat-ratio cheese or type-of-fat cheese or what. i don't like it. i like my cheese melted!

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  1. I have noticed the same thing everytime I get a Whopper at BK....used to drive my ex bf nuts!!! LOL

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    1. Depends on how long the burger sits. Food regulations require cheese to be stored at certain temperatures - usually chilled, so plopping a cold slice on a hot patty during assembly may take some time to melt. I have had melted cheese on McDonald's burgers recently, but this was after a short walk home when the cheese had time to melt. They do not cook the patties with the cheese.

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        >>Food regulations require cheese to be stored at certain temperatures - usually chilled, ...<<

        Perishable cheeses, I agree. However, some processed or some imitation cheeses do not require refrigeration, but should be stored in a cool, dry place. (away from strong odors, like onions, etc.)

        Being too difficult to distinguish the differences and keep the quality of the cheese at its peak, it is best to refrigerate anyway.

      2. McDonald's is serving you a precooked and nuked thin burger patty. As mentioned, they count on time in the bag inside the wrapper to heat everything thru and even steam the bun a bit. It has been how many years -- a decade? -- since I could special order a double-cheese without mustard and get them fresh from the grill, hot on the outside, melting the cheese and even the buns seemed more grilled... I must confess, at a buck I still sometimes drive in for a quick snack, and I appreciate the bargain, but they sure were better when they came from the grill.

        1. they got rid of the older heat lamps which turned your sandwich into gooey mcdonaldsness. This is really annoying on the breakfast sandwiches - melted cheese is nice to have on a hot sandwich.

          1. I believe that Cheese needs a consumer label that indicates the cheese's melting characteristics.

            I recently purchased some "Real Mozzarella" cheese for my homemade pizza, and all it did was plasticize on me. Needless to say my pizza was inedible.

            As far as McDonald's goes I have little use for them. I never understood the McDLT (Born mid-1980's : Died early 1990's) in placement of the cheese on the cold side. Worse is when they refused to move the cheese so it would melt a bit on the warm side.

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              Tactical error on the pizza, you can't use fresh moz, too watery, need to use the shreaded stuff. As far as I can remember, Mickey D's cheese was never completely melted.

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                >>Tactical error on the pizza, you can't use fresh moz, too watery, need to use the shreaded stuff.<<

                Shredded is what I used and had used the same brand several times before. The only slip I can think of would have been a manufacturer's error. (Fat free packaged in a 2% Low fat package or some milk solids blending goof)

                Now if McD's uses a Deluxe American Cheese slice, it has a higher melting point compared to that of a American Processed Cheese single. (about 20-25 degrees (F) difference)

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                  My bad, I interepeted 'real' as 'fresh', this stuff is excellent for an antipasto. I 've heard that FF cheese is like FF ice cream, rubbery. Think so?

                  Mickey D's probably doesn't use delux, $$.

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                    >>Mickey D's probably doesn't use delux, $$.<<

                    Imitation or "just crappy cheese" would ruin McD's burgers/sandwiches along with their reputation. Unless there was some recent changes they spend top dollar for the best real cheese available, thus Deluxe Real American cheese (Deluxe Chedder when specified) would be on the menu.

                    My search pulled up the link below.


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                      That site is not an official Mickey D's site it's a personal opinion editorial. Think it's accurate?

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                        >>Think it's accurate?<<

                        Spot on with McD's claims.

            2. I'm willing to bet that not only is it not-melted, but that it's also not-cheese

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                Agreed. McD's is just flat out nasty. I am horrified by the number of vomit worthy mcdlt's I consumed in my youth. Let us think of it never again.

              2. I can't even eat McDonald's burgers with cheese anymore, now that they can't hire people with sufficient intellect to operate an actual grilling surface. If I wanted a microwaved hamburger, I'd...well, let's face it, I don't want a microwaved hamburger.
                I worked the Quarter grill at McDonald's back in the early 80's and I took my grilling responsibilities quite seriously. Okay, I was 17, I was wearing a lime green uniform, and my shoes were caked with smashed french fries. But everyone one of my burgers was lovingly assembled and a delight to behold. And the cheese was melted on them.

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                  Most of the fast food burgers seem to have a burp of a doughnut in flavor. Very disgusting for me, to say the least.

                  I am with you on grilling responsibilities or foodservice responsibilities in general. Hey, and- anyone with a real brain is over qualified and ex-cons get to run the cash registers.

                  In my days I was responsible for the entire cooking line. Today if anyone gets out of their 12x12 inch spot (or whatever is assigned to them), the full wrath of Management comes down on them like a ton of bricks.

                2. I worked at McDonalds in high school. They used to have a REAL grill and we would sear the burgers, flip them, add onions and salt and sear again. when they were almost ready we would ask the shift leader how many they wanted with cheese and they would tell us. The cheese was then melted on the burgers while on the grill. now they have no grill, it's all microwave and they don't need to keep track of how many with cheese. The nuked burger patties are kept in a greasy drawer and assembled when you order it. So if you want cheese, they slap a cold slice onto the sandwhich right when you order it, no way to melt it. Sucks and so does the food. I can bet you that there has been no time savings in these "new" methods, you wait just as long as before.

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                    I worked there about 12 years ago in HS, and at the time they did still have grills (are you sure they dont have grills today??) the cooked burgers were then placed in drawers on the assembly line, awaiting an order. To my recognition, however, all cheeseburgers were placed in the microwave for 15-20 seconds before serving.....im guessing some lazy wokers are skipping that step.

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                      I used to work there in the 70's. It was quite an operation at lunch rush with one man on the grill, one on condiments and one on buns. The cheese was melted on the grill and there were no patties pre-cooked.