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Feb 19, 2008 10:52 PM

Ideas for using 'Blueberries' other than for desserts? [Moved from General Topics board]


I understand that Blueberries have many uses other than just landing in dessert items. I have a good supply of them at present and would appreciate knowing what other ways I could employ them in the kitchen. Thanks

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  1. I put them in oatmeal. I'm lazy, so my method is: put rolled oats (not instant) in bowl. Add a little squeeze of honey and a handful of blueberries. Pour boiled water over, then cover with a plate. Go away and do something else for about 10 minutes, then come back and stir and eat.

    Of course, depending on how many berries you have, you could also make jam or compote, which is easier. Just boil them up with some sugar to taste, maybe a little lemon juice for extra tang. Simmer till mushy, then store in a jar in the fridge. Use on ice cream and yogurt, or on toast. Or in oatmeal.

    1. You can add them to a mixed salad, such as with an orange vinaigrette.
      I add them to my breakfast yogurt/muesli mix.

      (But I have mine in the freezer from the summer; can't help wondering where in the world your fresh blueberries came from -- carbon footprint??)

      1. Blueberry Chutney - goes great with poultry, pork, on sandwiches...I make tons when wild blueberries are plentiful here in Ontario.

        1. My hubsand made a nice blueberry bacon maple sauce that went on top of a goat cheese panna cotta - not diet food but very good.

          1. I've had a dining companion choose a roasted chicken dish with a blueberry lemon sauce. It was more of a summer dish, but it was very good. Not sure how I would re-create it at home. Maybe shallots, mashed blueberries, lemon and thyme, with a little white wine?