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Feb 19, 2008 09:58 PM


A friend told me recently of a delicious myrtle-based liquor from northern Spain called pacharon. (The spelling may be incorrect.) Does anyone have any experience with it? A Google search yields only one, unhelpful result.


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  1. I've had many experiences with it, but alas only in Spain. When last in San Sebastian I bought a bottle from a liquor store that almost looked bootleg, plain label, vasco font but no firm name. The bottle actually had the berries in it. I've never seen it in he states.

    1. More commonly spelled pacharán, from Navarre (home of Pamplona and a lot of good wine country) and the Basque Country. It's great stuff, like a sloe-berry infused anise liqueur, a superb, slightly sweet cordial. I've been looking for it in the US for a while without much luck. I'm personally fond of the Basarana brand, which I first found at the bar at Biba, a now-bygone Boston restaurant. I was lucky to bring some home recently from Mexico, a popular brand called Zoco, which is a bit meeker, paler, and less interesting than Basarana, but beggars can't be choosers. You can mail-order it at a scary premium here: