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Feb 19, 2008 09:02 PM

Shrimp Bodys without the meat

So today I was at work peeling shrimp for shrimp sandwhichs and a different glazed shrimp "Surf and turf" burger and whenever I do this job I am always thinking what can I do with the shrimp bodies that are normally tossed, so today I made a quick shrimp stock with the shells and water and its amazing how much flavor it had, do you guys have any ideas for shrimp bodys without the meat??

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  1. You're on the righttrack, John. It's a classic technique to use to shells of crustaceans such as shrimp or lobster to make a stock, then use the stock in a sauce. It's early in the morning as I write this, and my brain seems unwilling to release the names of any of the classic sauces/recipes that use shrimp or lobster shells. Sorry...

    If you dont' already have one, pick up a used copy of the 1960s translation of Larousse Gastronomiqe and just brouse. Great recreational reading for a budding young chef! Incredible recipes there besides a lot of fascinating gastonomic history. And somewhere, lurking in the 1,101 pages are recipes that use shrimp or lobster shells!

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      p.s. I found a copy of LG 1961 for $5 in an antiques shop in Savannah. It's endlessly entertaining! What other food book as an entry for Hippopotamus?

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        Believe it or not, there is another book that's just as much fun. It's, "A Concise Encyclopedia of Gastronomy" by Andre L. Simon. You can find used copies of it through Amazon or used book sellers. Mine is so tattered I'm thinking of buying a used copy in better condition.

        Andre Simon was a (many would say "the") leading authority on all things food in Britain during the first half ot the 20th century, and this book is his crowning achievement. When it comes to catalogueing all known edibles of his day, he's over the top! Elephant, giraffe, camel, dogs eaten during the siege of Paris, ancient foods and modern foods. As the saying goes, "animal, vegetable, or mineral," he covers them all. And no shortage of great classic recipes. Unlike LG, he includes an encyclopedic listing of wines, liqueurs and liquor. If someone told me I had to give up this book or LG, I'd be very hard pressed. Probably end up giving up half of each but not able to decide on which half of either!

    2. I always save my shells when cleaning shrimp. If I don't plan on using them on the spot they go into a bag in the freezer. Shrimp stock takes little time to make. You can get a lot of flavor in 30 min from simmering shells.

      1. I save just about everything that most people throw out for stock. I'll use shrimp stock in jambalaya. I'll use it in gumbo and have also added it to the sauce for shrimp and grits. Basically if you're cooking shrimp and it calls for water. Use the stock. This what you do with beef or pork or chicken or turkey stocks as well.
        You can certainly use your stocks as the basis for bisque's as well.


        1. these are some amazing prawns made with shrimp butter (shrimp butter recipe included):