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Feb 19, 2008 08:11 PM

Restaurants near NW Hospital (Northgate)?

I need some recommendations for some swell places to eat in and around Northwest Hospital (in between Northgate and Aurora in Seattle).

My family and I will be hanging out at the hospital for several days, and need some tasty ideas for lunch and dinner. Thanks!

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  1. New York Pizza place has pretty good pizza. http://www.snellsoftware.com/ANewYork...

    A New York Pizza Place
    8310 5th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115

    1. I'm actually staying around here now too for a conference. I've already tried some places in the past week. On Aurora there are some good little Thai, Vietnamese, Korean places such as Merinae Korean 12020 Aurora Ave N which has lunch specials, or would be good for group dinner if people are adventurous eaters. The food court at Northgate mall is not bad if family members want to eat different things for a quick cheap meal. They have seafood, thai, taco (the fish tacos at the taco place were a good choice for me), Kidd Valley burgers (nicer than McD or BK). In the same plaza at the mall (just south of Barnes & Noble, Nordstrom on the I-5 side of mall) is Romano's Macaroni Grill which is decent Italian for a chain, and Chipotle chain for mexican burritos and tacos that's pretty good and consistent. On Northgate Way just beyond east of the mall is Masala Indian that is good. Another block east at corner of Roosevelt is Seattle Crab Co - I had great Dungeness crab there with nice cooked veggie side, plus crab bisque and sourdough bread, they have all kinds of seafood you'd want. There are a lot of place on Aurora from about 100th St up to 150th, including both IHOP and Cyndy's House of Pancakes. We don't have Krispy Kreme Donuts where we live so I found that on Aurora in that area too! Otherwise I've made trips around town to eat at the vegetarian places like Chaco Canyon Cafe and Cafe Flora, the latter is really worth the drive for a special meal. Hope that helps.

      1. If you are feeling like venturing a little farther from the hospital, Bick's (105th and Greenwood) and Saltoro's are both owned by the same owner (I think) and have amazing food for good prices. Family friendly and tasty food. I think dinner only though, no lunch at both. The fries at Saltoro's are some of the best in the city IMO.

        1. Szechuan Bean Flower on Aurora just above N 100th St (for you that would be left on Aurora and the rest. is on the right). It isn't our BEST Szechuan in Seattle but it is pretty good (and a bit dive-y). The shredded pork in garlic sauce is terrific, and I love the mapo tofu.

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            SBF's Spicy Beef Strips, served cold(ish) are very hot and very good. I think I'm addicted...

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              They also have hot pot (cook meat, veggies and glass noodles in spicy, mild or combo sauce, eat with rice and peanut sauce!)! It's my favorite.

            2. Hope I don't get flamed, but there's also a Red Robin in the mall if you're looking for a burger (come on...they are good burgers...) and bottomless fries or have kids in your party. I also like the Berkshire steak place right by I-5, but the last couple of times I've been there they've slipped a bit.

              If you like Italian, go a little south to north greenlake to Rialto (get the alfredo!).

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                Two Recs, try Tub's for the best Grinders it's a couple miles East of the hospital on Lake City Way. And if you want good Chinese go to Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon. Take Northgate way East and Turn Right onto Roosevelt Way (right after Rite Aide/Wallgreen's can't remember), and it's at the top of the hill on the right. The Food is great but its always busy.

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                  All short drives away:
                  Georgia's (comfy, very affordable Greek), 85th betw. 3rd and 8th NW
                  Red Mill Burgers, 65th and Phinney
                  Fu Man Dumpling House (Chinese), 143rd and Greenwood
                  Thanh Bros. Pho, Aurora at about 75th