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Feb 19, 2008 08:11 PM

Chinese New Year's banquet in Phila.?

Please recommend a Chinatown restaurant for a New Year's banquet. Especially interested in unusual and authentic, not Americanized or fusion cuisine. Thanks.

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  1. it's on the late side, isn't it? I went to one on the 8th, I believe. A while ago, in any case.
    We went to the place next to Sang Kee. It was good, possibly very good, although I certainly wouldn't call it great.
    My GF's family is from Hong Kong, so they order off of the 'other' menu - the one in Chinese.

    1. I tried Lee How Fook two weeks ago and tried my best to order banquet style for a party of two. I'd give it a 4 out of 10, due to inauthentic and sloppy preparation and horrible service.

      Sorry I can't be of any help.

      1. Joseph Poon is offering a 10-course New Year's banquet, which we tried last weekend: It was good, not great.