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"Thin Crust" Sushi Pizza

Hey Chowhounds! I had the pleasure of trying my first sushi pizza years ago at a now-defunct restaurant out west. It was large (think the size of your avg. dinner plate), scattered with a delicious assortment of fish, sprinkled with roe, and drizzled w/ a spicy mayo-based sauce. Back then/there, it was considered an upscale item, at upscale prices.

In Toronto, I was delighted to see sushi pizzas on menus everywhere. However, the ones I tried (Sushi on Bloor, New Generation -- student in the Annex w/ accompanying budget, sorry) all had this thick rice-cake for a the "crust". Plus, the actual pizza itself was built small & high, not large and flat.

My sushi pizza of dreams had a thin, chewy, golden crispy pancake of a crust. Almost like a deep-fried flatbread, but made of rice. It also had the assortment of fish (as opp. to just salmon and roe) but this is not as important as that addictive crust.

Anyone know where I can find this kind of sushi pizza? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would love to find the exact same thing! I often take rolls home and will sear them on their sides to get a crispy outside rice 'shell' to get that crunch that matches the soft inside of fish so nicely!

    1. This may just confirm long-held Japanese notions that the differences between their culture and Western cultures truly are neurologically-based. Sorry but this sort of mash-up doesn't work for me!

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        Well technically all cultural differences (and similarities, for that matter) are neurologically-based, since the neural networks are "trained" and connections formed via repeated exposure to cultural experience.

        Regardless, I still want that crust! Obviously not an authentic Japanese item, but who says perversions can't be fun once in a while? ;)

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          kagemusha.......sorry it doesn't work for you! sounds delicious to me!!! i want to try this too.....

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            Look, what you need is a handroll that uses a crust instead of nori. At least it reduces the chance of it all hitting your lap! Rolls like that I've actually eaten in the Bay area. But me liking a pizza-ish presentation? That would take a bucket of shochu...

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              Well we can certainly agree to disagree (although I might enjoy that bucket of shochu...). What was this faux-nori crust made of?

              My main problem w/ the sushi pizza I've tried here is that it's basically on a big rice patty that is fried on the outside. So you get a bit of crunch, then a lot of mushy (warm) rice, and then the fish on top. I know some people love it, but I really didn't care for this version.

              Anyway, it just dawned on me what this crust-of-yore (that sounded much better in my mind...) reminded me of: a kind of dim sum called Ham Sui Gok (sorry, don't know the English name). The crust was very much like the deep fried gelatinous rice-pastry that surrounds the pork & veg filling in these Ham Sui Gok, except it was a bit thicker. If you'd never had it before, you might not even know the crust was rice-based since you can't see any individual grains. It looks a lot like the outside of this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jin_deui , without the sesame.

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                No, I'm pretty sure what CuriousCat needs is a sushi pizza that resembles one he/she remembers from his/her past. At least that's what it says in the original post.

          2. I first experienced sushi pizza about 3 years ago in Momoyama at the Intercon Puerto Rico. The "topping" was your choice of spicy salmon or spicy tuna. The "crust" was perfectly crisped on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I was a regular every week just for this sushi pizza! Since I moved away, I haven't seen it again on any Japanese menu.

            Here is the best photo I've found on-line so far: http://www.flickr.com/photos/geofflow...

            I'm going to see if I can make this at home by taking day-old sushi rice and deep frying it. Wish me luck!

            1. Hi CC, what you describe as your ideal version sounds like a Vietnamese cold spring roll wrapper moistened and then deep fried, sounds pretty good to me!...and would be cheap & easy to replicate at home...

              1. The best sushi pizza I've had in Toronto so far is at Niji on Midland/Ellesmere. It's small (though it fills me up if I'm the only one eating it) and the crust may not be as thin as you're looking for, but definitely the thinnest I've had in the city, topped with salmon, avocado, crab and roe, and it is just amazing! Highly recommended.

                1. I've never had a sushi pizza before. It sounds very interesting. The most unique sushi dish I've had was a sushi boat from I Love Sushi. It was good, but my dish, I know, is pretty common. smh

                  1. Sorry to bump such an old thread, but maybe it will end up being useful to someone. I'm now sure that the base in the Sushi Pizza of Dreams is not rice at all, but in fact a dough made from glutinous rice flour, then deep-fried. (Ah, how the internet changes over 4 years... search "ham sui gok dough" and recipes all over!)

                    Now to either be brave enough to deep fry, or somehow convince a Japanese restaurant owner to do this for me...

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                      Sado Sushi (old owners, not sure if its on current menu) had two pizzas, one is almost exactly as you describe. Its sushi rice, but its mashed up so its very thick and dense, then wrapped tightly and cooled, then deep fried.

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                        Nice, they're not too far from me either. Will have to check out, thank you!

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                          Actually the owner completely changed, so I don't really think its worth a check as the menu is different. I was just kind of pointing out how they used to do it.

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                            Darn, that sounded good. Oh well. Do you like the place generally? (Just if I'm in the area and want random sushi/sashimi?)