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Feb 19, 2008 07:20 PM

Asheville/Hendersonville folks?? Anybody tried Franks NY Deli???

Its on Sweeten Creek Rd. beside the Chocolate place and Big J's Bubba Q. I have seen many a thread here asking if there is a good NY style deli in Asheville/Hendersonville.I have never seen this place mentioned.Anybody tried it?? It has a Boars Head sign out front which makes me skeptical about it being good.I am partial to Circle in the Square for NY Deli fare, but they use Boars Head as well.

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  1. Haven't tried but thanks for letting us know it's over there. The name Frank's NY Deli makes it sound like the real thing.

    1. I think it's better than Circle in a Square. The sandwiches are bigger and the bread is great! Sides are excellent as well. You should definitely give it a try!

      1. Check out my review at

        They are in my neighborhood, and I am shocked that Boar's Head would be a negative attribute. I don't even eat meat on a regular basis any longer, but when I break the fast I always visit Frank's. He makes his much of his own bread, dressings, sides, and desserts. Support a great local, family business by stopping in to Frank's for lunch or dinner; keep them in mind for your Super Bowl party as they do awesome trays and sandwich platters.

        1. Franks is hands down the best sandwich in town. I live on the north side and drive down there when I want a sandwich. It's worth the drive. Their italian is the best in town. And, you are supporting a local guy who's working there in his place. The girl who works up front is top notch too. Jersey Mike's doesn't even come close. Franks is the real deal.

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            This place sounds great. Where is it if I'm coming from Hendersonville, and are they open on Saturdays?

            1. re: Jeff C.

              Google.maps will get you close, but keep going a bit further north (passing Cedar Lane). It is in a strip mall between Sycamore and Myrtle just before the stop light at Royal Pines Dr. On the left (heading north), there is a small used car lot and a Market Center gas station.

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                Past B.B. Barns, I assume. Are they open at all on weekends? Also, do they serve breakfast? (Would kill for a N.Y. style bagel with some Nova and a schmear!)

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                  Past BB Barns coming from Asheville on the left, beside Big J's Bubba Q

          2. Best sandwich around. Can't go wrong with any of the daily specials or straight off the standard menu, especially the paninis. Frank is a trained gourmet chef from Bufallo and makes all his own sauces, sides, and some of the breads. One sandwich is enough to feed two easily.

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              I wholeheartedly agree. One of the best sandwiches I have had the pleasure of eating. And the people are so nice! You're right, one sandwich can feed two, and the price is really good, too.