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Jan 18, 2002 03:21 PM

Good Mexican Restaurants in Inland Empire?

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Would love to try some "real good Mexican food" in the Inland Empire? Know of any of these restaurants?

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  1. Mentone might be considered a wasteland without redemption were it not for the existence of Casa Maya (1839 Mentone Blvd., 909-794-7458). This is not your garden-variety northern Mexican food; rather, as the name suggests, its focus is the southern Mexican cuisine with tropical influences blurring the line between Mexican and Central American tastes. Outstanding choices include the always moist cochinita pibil, marinated in fruit juices and spices then cooked in banana leaves; and the fish dishes, always fresh and prepared in a variety of sauces. There are few reasons to visit Mentone. This is the best. The beef jerky at the Greenspot Deli & Market is another.

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      have also been to the Casa Maya on a fluke and I will second the above -- good Yucatecan food in the middle of nowhere. (Of course there's a farmworker population which accounts for it.) No surprise it's very cheap.

    2. In another life more than 20 years ago I used to patronize La Paloma on Foothill just west of Garey in Pomona. It is still there but I have not been back. I used to also patronize Xocimilco (not sure of the spelling) which is in a strip mall on the east side of Indian Hill just north of Holt (sign says "Mexican Food"). This place was recently written up by the L.A. Times Inland Valley edition restaurant "reviewer". The neighborhood seems marginal though, and I won't be going there.

      When I want Mexican I shoot over from Chino to El Cholo in La Habra.

      The wife and I also tried Baja Bob's, which is hidden in the back of a strip type shopping center (next door to the Catholic church) on Central Ave in Chino. The decor was totally non-descript, this is a restaurant in space that was probably built to be an office suite. They have a front room that seemed filled mostly by a bar, and we were in a side room. The food was pretty good though and the prices reasonable.

      There are probably tons of Mexican restaurants in the Inland Empire and there are sure to be some gems.

      1. Most Mexican in the IE is either tex-mex, American-mex, or Sonoran. Basically, you get tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas. No sopes, tortas, mole, birria.....
        Also, many say "authentic Mexican" but I see the use of cheddar cheese and pre-made, pre-fried taco shells, yuck. Most everything in the IE uses cheddar. Many places use pre-made sauces and other ingredients.

        In Indio, there is teresa's cafe. mostly tacos and burritos, but great mole and chile relleno, authentic taste too!

        1. Why are posts from 4 years ago being resurrected?

          Besides Casa Maya in Mentone.

          Cuca's in Redlands is a very good burrito stand.

          La Costa Restaurant
          621 Colton Ave.
          Redlands, CA

          Las Campanas at the Mission Inn in Riverside

          1. Chicos in Riverside by the Tyler mall is good, especially for veg*ns.