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Feb 19, 2008 06:11 PM

Korean BBQ in Kearny Mesa

who has been and which one is the best in the Kearny Mesa area around Convoy? I want to go, but I am overwhelmed by all of the choices. Any Suggestions?

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  1. Buga Korean BBQ on Clairemont Mesa Drive is the best.

    The one off Engineer Road (can't remember the new name), went downhill about 2 yrs ago after they changed owners.

    go to KirkK's blog, Kirk's reviews are very accurate. All things Asian and ethnic foods.

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    1. re: daantaat

      If I was going to recommend one place to you, I'd agree with the Buga recommendation. Along the way you may find other places suit your tastes, depending on the dishes you order, but you really can't go wrong at Buga.

      I'm also on board with Kirk's blog recommendation. He gives pretty good and honest thoughts on just about every Asian food in San Diego (as well as other things).

      1. re: leanneabe

        do you know at which BBQ do you get to cook your own meat?

        1. re: milojon

          milojon - You can grill your own at Buga, Seoul BBQ, Korea house, Dae Jang Keum(used to be Boo Cho), Arirang, Kim's (in National City) among others. I know for sure that Dae Jang Keum & Buga require that you order 2 orders of BBQ in order to grill your own, otherwise they'll do it in the back and serve it to you.

          As for my preferences, I like Buga. I think the quality is relatively high, and the panchan is often of decent quality, and variety. Be aware that the meat is treated as if it is of high quality....that would mean it is not overly marinated, and the marinade is not on the sweet side.

          On the next rung is Dae Jung Keum and Seoul BBQ. DJK has one thing going for it; they use charcoal instead of gas for the BBQ. On the down side, I think the quality of the meat is inconsistant, and I don't like their panchan. A lot of my friends like Seoul BBQ, their marinade is on the sweeter side.

          I enjoy the panchan at Arirang, but the meat is not of good quality. That said, it is the most inexpensive of the places mentioned. I enjoy the black goat casserole there.

          Hope that is of some help.

    2. I like Arirang House. The panchan are good and the ladies who work there are always nice. The bimbibap (both the dolsot and regular versions) are fantastic.

      4681 Convoy St Ste B
      (between Engineer Rd & Opportunity Rd)
      San Diego, CA 92111