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Feb 19, 2008 05:51 PM

Monte Rio: Highland Dell Lodge - Schwabentopf, Jaëgerschnitzel, Sauerbraten ???

Has anyone tried the German food here? From this blog ...

"Jude and I went on a Local's Night (Monday or Thursday) when a three-course prix fixe meal is priced at an astounding $9.95 in appreciation for local patronage ... We went instead for the Schwabentopf ($17.95) both for the pleasure of saying its name, and because the Highland Dell is known for its German fare. This savory mound of pork, bacon, mushroom and onions on cheese-spaetzle (German for "little sparrow," and a little like fried macaroni and cheese) puts the comfort in the overused phrase, "comfort food."

That particular dish isn't on the website menu so it was probably a special. Also, they mention Sunday brunch during the summer (after Easter). Anyone tried brunch ... or anything here?

There's only a few German dishes with mainly American food

Highland Dell Lodge
21050 River Blvd, Monte Rio, CA

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  1. I've been there several times. It's a beautiful room with a great view of the river. I've tried the sauerbraten, their house special chicken, and one of the local's nights prix fixe dinners. I haven't tried brunch. The saurbraten is kind of interesting, nothing like my mother's (she claims hers is very authentic, but I have no other frame of reference) but pretty tastey. The house special chicken is fine but I could do just as well at home with very little effort. My husband and I still joke about the weird local's dinner. The first course was a choice of an absolutely inedible soup or a very ordinary green salad. The second course was a "mixed grill" that certainly appeared to be a collection of whatever was left from the weekend, but none of it was bad at all; very good french fries; and frozen peas and carrots with a kind of cream sauce that tasted like Campbell's cream of mushroom soup. Dessert was rainbow sherbert with canned whipped cream on top. If you are in Monte Rio I would suggest you go to the Highland Dell for a drink in the bar, and then walk to the Village Inn or Cafe les Jumelles for dinner. If you are looking for German food, I have heard that there is good German food in Cazadero.

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      Oh, I forgot to mention that we also went one evening when there was live music in the dining room. That night we ordered a variety of appetizers. We asked our waitress first if that was ok, and she said sure. I think we probably ended up spending more than if we had just had dinners, but we definitely ate better. I remember that french fried with truffle oil was the appetizer special of the evening and they were very, very good. We had the fried calamari, and it was fine but not particularly memorable. I don't remember what else we had, but we did think that if we wanted to go back, we would go the appetizer route.