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Brie, basil, chocolate?

Giada combined these three on a sandwich of all places last week and even though I was skeptical when I saw this I have found myself craving it ever since. Has anyone tried this combination? Is it any good? Any recommendations for how to make it work?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Combining these three on a sandwich sounds a bit off to me. Combining the three on Giada would be much more appealing.

    But enough about my cravings. I can see a chocolate-basil combo and a brie-basil combo, but not all three.

    1. What kind of chocolate? Not brand, I mean what amount of cocoa?

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        She used regular Nestle chocolate chips. She put slices of brie and a few chocolate chips and some basil chiffonade on sourdough and put it in the panini press (which she called a panini maker...) and waited until the cheese and chips started to melt.

        I don't usually eat cheese and I don't really know why this particular recipe stuck in my mind... maybe just my curosity.

      2. Sounds strange, but sometimes the oddest combos end up being good. Since I would have use for all three ingredients I'd be willing to do a sacrificial sample!

        1. Giada demonstrated the same sandwich on Oprah and even though she did not say so, you could tell that Oprah did not like it at all.

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            haha, that's 2 votes for "no" -- HSBSteveM & Oprah :)

          2. im just about to make it!! i will let u know how it is when im done eating...i was also watching it the other day with my bf..he laughed and said it looked weird but sounded delicious to me!

            1. Will the BBC supplant the BLT? Stay tuned... adam

              1. hmmm it wasnt wow...i mean i could of done without the chocolate.. sometimes u mix sweet and salty and the combo is insane..for example a bit of butter on toast with orange jam and brie..thats delicious!! but this wasnt mindblowing... it was actually mediocre..kindof pointless

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                  Thanx for taking one for the team Halla! You're a better man (or woman) than I am Gunga Din. adam

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                    woman and no problem..my love for food goes beyond anything!

                2. tried it ... saw a previous idea for this didn't like it. I do like brie with some salty bacon, pancetta, etc but not chocolate ... basil with the other is fine. chocolate just didn't work for me. Maybe with some sweet pears with I often use brie with and figs and then the chocolate, but a dark bitter chocolate ... not sure

                  1. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/gi...

                    Even with the recipe in front of me, I don't get the choice of "chips" as opposed to something more interesting in the chocolate line...odd combo.