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Feb 19, 2008 05:15 PM

Tasty Food Near the Q train in BK?

I recently moved to Brooklyn from the UES and I was wondering if anyone has good suggestions for where to eat near the Q train. I admit, it's winter and it's cold and I'm lazy and don't want to walk that far from the train; and I am also a little retarded when it comes to Brooklyn geography. All suggestions are heartily appreciated.

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  1. Get off at Ave. J and go to DiFara's. Get off at Kings Highway and there is an excellent Mediteranian place , called Memo's. I beleive it is at the corner of East 19th.

    1. Taci Beyti Turkish restaurant-1955 Coney Island Ave at Ave P- Kings Highway stop

      Farm on Adderley-1108 Cortelyou Rd - Cortelyou stop

      1. Uh. The Q train covers quite a distance in Brooklyn. What neighborhood are we talking about here?

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          Yeah, good point. Where on the Q train? That's a lot of ground to cover. Park Slope/Prospect Heights @ the 7th Ave station? Or Ave J, etc?

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            I live near the Prospect Park Stop which is right past 7th Avenue. I'm totally willing to go farther for awesome food, I'd just like to know what's easy to get to from the Q.
            I'm totally going to make a trip out to DiFara's sometime soon.

            1. re: feedmeplg

              Gotcha, well if you came over the the 7th Ave stop you'd be able to get this:

              1. franny's - great slightly upscale pizza
              2. Beast - spanish tapas bar, real inexpensive
              3. little miss muffin - best beef and chicken patties in the area
              4. flatbush farm - best french dip and artichoke dip
              5. Amorina - another great pizza place
              6. Moim - highly rated Korean on 7th ave.
              7. Al Di La - Best pasta I've ever had at affordable prices
              8. Rose Water - local upscale restaurant
              9. Giedo - inexpensive super fresh sushi
              10. Song - super inexpensive, very good (big portions too) Thai food

              All of these places are within steps to 10 or so blocks of the Q and worth the trip.

              1. re: ginsbera

                At Flatbush Farm, I'd also recommend the spaetzle with mushroom ragout. It's pure comfort food.

                Some additional places on 5th Avenue:
                Blue Ribbon (amazing bread pudding)

                I also like Joy Indian on Flatbush Ave.

              2. re: feedmeplg

                forgot to mention, you need to go to Coney Island on the Q and get a Nathan's dog.

                1. re: ginsbera

                  Coney Island makes me dream of Totonno's pizza.

          2. I live off the Q train. I deeply relate to the question, "Uh... is it off the Q?" when making a decision on whether or not to do something :).

            Of all the restaurants already mentioned, and of all the ones I would mention, The Farm on Adderly at Cortelyou is 100% my favorite. I think it is a true gem. Really truly.

            I have a couple others to add:

            Beverly stop: Medina at Beverly and Coney Island. There's a lot of Pakistani food around, and Medina's the best. I really only use it as a take out place, though they do have seats. I don't like sitting there because they play Pakistani TV pretty loud on a flat screen in the corner. The foods worth taking out though, and very very cheap.

            Newkirk stop: Bahar. Afghani. Pumpkin in a pastry crust. Yum.

            Also Cortelyou: Cinco De Mayo on Cortelyou and Westminster. SOLID Mexican food. I am partial to the sausage and potato quesadilla.

            7th ave: Miram's on 5th ave and Prospect Place but only for brunch, and then only for the fried crispy dough or the Israeli breakfast.

            Atlantic: Bacchus at Atlantic and Bond. This is also kind of a walk (maybe 10 minutes) but I really like this place. I should say, though, that I haven't been there in awhile, and I've heard it's gone down hill. I would call it worth a try though, because it is (or at least was) sort of everything one looks for in a neighbor hood French bistro.