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Jan 18, 2002 12:00 AM

Harold & Belle's is the real deal for LA Creole eats

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I get bummed hearing about the Gumbo Pot...yeah, they got bengiets but just about everything else there leaves me flat. If you want high-quality gumbo, big heaps of fried shrimp and fish, and don't mind paying for it then head on over to Jefferson and 10th. Yeah, it's "one of those" neighborhoods, but the valet will happily take your cash and you are unlikely to experience a drive-by in the 20-foot walk to the door.

As as alternate I like Crescent City in Monte Vista just off the 10 freeway (next to the mall, Red Lobster, etc.) but that's too damn far to drive when the traffics going the wrong way.

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  1. If you're in the South Bay and are down for some fried crawfish, check out the Rajun Cajun in Hermosa on Pier Ave. The owner is from the Trappey family (of Trappey hot sauces) and has some great recipies. If you were in New Orleans the food would be above average.
    Cold beer and a fun atmosphere.

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      I've been there. The gumbo's not bad though somewhat different from the NO creole gumbo I'm used to.

      Best restaurant gumbo I ever had...the Texaco truckstop West of New Orleans on the 10 freeway, would you believe?

    2. Thanks for the tips. Could you supply some more information? Where is Monte Vista (I know there's one near Monterey, but that can't be what you mean); Crescent City lists restaurants in Texas, but none in California.

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        It's just off the 10 fwy around the Clairmont area. I think the offramp is Monte Vista but can't quite remember, but there is a mall as well as a Black Angus and Red Lobster adjacent. Crescent City also has live music, at least on some nights.


        1. re: Griller141

          Crescent City is on the west end, in the restaurant row area, of the Montclair Plaza mall. The freeway exit is Central Avenue. Heading east on the 10 from the L.A. area, exit at Central, turn left, you then either turn left at the first light which will take you in to the mall parking lot, then you have to wind your way around to the far side. Of you turn left at the second light, take that street west to Monte Vista Ave, turn left, and then left in to the west end of the mall, where you will see a bunch of the usual chain restaurants and Crescent City in a victorian type of house - right across from Black Agness (as my mother-in-law calls it).

          1. re: Chino Wayne

            Have gone to Montclair a hundred times to see our dog breeder NOW I know where to eat, next door to Black Agness! Reminds me of MY mother in law who was so addicted to watching Touched by an Angel that I always said, don't call Mom on Sunday night because she is watching 'Attacked by an Angel'.

            1. re: Zoe

              An encounter with my mother-in-law:

              "Attacked by Black Agness Angel".