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Feb 19, 2008 05:11 PM

Byblos vs. Zorba's

We love Zorba's for Greek in Round Rock, thinking of trying Byblos off Parmer tomorrow? Any opinions or recommendations?

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  1. I've only been once, but I really liked it. The fattoush and the mjadra were great. I think I may have had kofta too, but I'm not sure. I need to get back there. I have heard that if you go during off hours, it's not as good, so try to go at a peak time to be safe.

    1. I've been there once and was impressed. They do kabobs right on the grill. I had lamb and it came with 5 sides for under $10. But it is Lebanese food not Greek. I find the flavors to be different but still delicious either way.

      1. ooh... NOT a fan of Zorba's (although i haven't been there since they first opened). but if you like Zorba's, be prepared to be blown away by Byblos. Yeah, it's Lebanese, not Greek, but i think it's the BEST in town as far as the whole Greek/Lebanese/Middle Eastern genre. (please don't slam me for putting them all in the same category...)

        i highly recommend the tabouleh, falafel, and cheese pie. the cheese pie is just a flat bread with shredded haloumi cheese on top, but it's fantastic when it comes right out of the oven. sorry, i'm vegetarian so can't make personal recommendations for the meat dishes, but i hear the sujuk is pretty good....

        i agree about the off hours. if you get there really late, it's pretty much like getting the leftovers and can be sparse.

        1. Byblos is a great meal deal. You get lots of food for a great price. I crave those garlicky pickles!!!

          1. Lunch was great. Definitely Lebanese and not Greek. The tabouleh was delicious, it was mostly parsley--refreshing and palate cleansing. The pita was from Phoenicia--no complaints there. Husband ordered the veggie combo plate which included 6 sides. All of the salads were very good, especially a potato/tomato combo in a nice, tart vinagrette. His least favorite item: the dolmas. The grape leaves were large and very tough.

            I had the spicy chicken kebob with 4 sides. The chicken was grilled while I waited and had a nice combination of spices (cinnamon definitely.) Very fresh and nice.

            Interestingly, the one thing we both liked the least was the falafel. They were dense and tasted like the oil they were fried in might have been older.

            Overall, it was a good experience. We will definitely go back. And, we'll still go to Zorba's. It's my 2nd grade daughters' favorite restaurant.