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Fried Chicken - Fiorella's or Coop's or ?

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I will be in NOLA March 7th-9th. My last visit I had the fried chicken at Fiorella's. It was delicious, but a little bland. Does the fried chicken at Coop's have more seasoning? How do they compare? Any other fried chicken suggestions?

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  1. jacques imo's. dunbar's.

    1. coops uses a different type of batter. it does have more seasoning. i rec that you try it. and if you can stand the wait i like willie mae's scotch house. can't remember if i've eaten jacques imo's chicken. but i'd say try it too. love fried chicken:)

      1. Had both Coops and Fiorellas recently. Fiorellas had more coating and seasoning. Both cooked to order and neither greasy. Best thing IMO at Jacques-Imos is the chicken. A better deal than either of the others. For around $16 you get an entire meal...salad, cornbread muffins, chicken with 2 sides. A ton of food. Haven't had Pampy's post- K but it used to be very good.

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          1. Willie Mae's has the best fried chicken I've ever tasted. I've been a vegetarian for 16 years and it made me start eating chicken again. Just get there when they open.

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              Willi Mae's has had an advertisement in The Gambit indicating that they are open.

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                I must disagree with Willie Mae's. I went there a year or so before the storm with a friend and it was the worst fried chicken I have ever had...well at least until i moved to Jersey. I am hoping that it was just a bad day, but my buddy won't go back to find out, that's how bad it was.

            2. Here are some fairly recent Chowhound reviews of Willie Mae's.
              I report you decide.

              1. Some other options to seriously consider are McHardy's (near Broad & Esplanade) and Lil Dizzy's (on Esplanade near Claiborne). I have heard that Manchu (Esplanade at Claiborne) is good but I have never been. All very reasonable and all chicken places.

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                  I'm pretty sure that Manchu's coating has MSG, if you care about such things. I like Lil Dizzy's, Dunbar's, Willie Mae's, Fury's (on Martin Behrman in Metairie), Come Back Inn...no need to limit yourself to two places in the Quarter.

                  FYI, Lil Dizzy's has a downtown location at the corner of Poydras and Camp, inside the Whitney Wyndham hotel. It's a converted bank building, so you get to eat your fried chicken in an ornate lobby, with a coffered ceiling...kinda fun. LD also has pork chops, paneed meat, and other stick-to-your ribs offerings. Good greens, too.

                2. Read what James says about Lil Dizzy's

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                    Agree with James. My chicken was greasy, not much seasoning and definitely not cooked to order.

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                      Cool. Thanks.

                  2. I have not had Fiorella's chicken, I had a good breakfast there once though. I love Coop's chicken. Hell I love Coop's period. I could (and have) spent an entire afternoon in there eating and drinking.

                    1. Mandina's has amazing fried chicken. Take the streetcar up there if you have the time.

                      1. Going to PittCon?

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                          Quote: "Going to PittCon?": What does that mean?

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                            Google is your friend.


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                              For good fried chicken would you choose Fiorella's, Coop's or PittCon?

                        2. Although what we ordered at Liuzza's on Beinville didn't pass muster, I thought the fried chicken dinner that our neighboring table had looked very good. I would go back just to try it.