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Fried Chicken - Fiorella's or Coop's or ?

I will be in NOLA March 7th-9th. My last visit I had the fried chicken at Fiorella's. It was delicious, but a little bland. Does the fried chicken at Coop's have more seasoning? How do they compare? Any other fried chicken suggestions?

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  1. jacques imo's. dunbar's.

    1. coops uses a different type of batter. it does have more seasoning. i rec that you try it. and if you can stand the wait i like willie mae's scotch house. can't remember if i've eaten jacques imo's chicken. but i'd say try it too. love fried chicken:)

      1. Had both Coops and Fiorellas recently. Fiorellas had more coating and seasoning. Both cooked to order and neither greasy. Best thing IMO at Jacques-Imos is the chicken. A better deal than either of the others. For around $16 you get an entire meal...salad, cornbread muffins, chicken with 2 sides. A ton of food. Haven't had Pampy's post- K but it used to be very good.

          1. Willie Mae's has the best fried chicken I've ever tasted. I've been a vegetarian for 16 years and it made me start eating chicken again. Just get there when they open.

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              Willi Mae's has had an advertisement in The Gambit indicating that they are open.

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                I must disagree with Willie Mae's. I went there a year or so before the storm with a friend and it was the worst fried chicken I have ever had...well at least until i moved to Jersey. I am hoping that it was just a bad day, but my buddy won't go back to find out, that's how bad it was.

            2. Here are some fairly recent Chowhound reviews of Willie Mae's.
              I report you decide.

              1. Some other options to seriously consider are McHardy's (near Broad & Esplanade) and Lil Dizzy's (on Esplanade near Claiborne). I have heard that Manchu (Esplanade at Claiborne) is good but I have never been. All very reasonable and all chicken places.

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                  I'm pretty sure that Manchu's coating has MSG, if you care about such things. I like Lil Dizzy's, Dunbar's, Willie Mae's, Fury's (on Martin Behrman in Metairie), Come Back Inn...no need to limit yourself to two places in the Quarter.

                  FYI, Lil Dizzy's has a downtown location at the corner of Poydras and Camp, inside the Whitney Wyndham hotel. It's a converted bank building, so you get to eat your fried chicken in an ornate lobby, with a coffered ceiling...kinda fun. LD also has pork chops, paneed meat, and other stick-to-your ribs offerings. Good greens, too.

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                    Agree with James. My chicken was greasy, not much seasoning and definitely not cooked to order.

                  2. I have not had Fiorella's chicken, I had a good breakfast there once though. I love Coop's chicken. Hell I love Coop's period. I could (and have) spent an entire afternoon in there eating and drinking.

                    1. Mandina's has amazing fried chicken. Take the streetcar up there if you have the time.

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                          Quote: "Going to PittCon?": What does that mean?

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                              For good fried chicken would you choose Fiorella's, Coop's or PittCon?

                        2. Although what we ordered at Liuzza's on Beinville didn't pass muster, I thought the fried chicken dinner that our neighboring table had looked very good. I would go back just to try it.