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Feb 19, 2008 04:36 PM

MSP Best Singapore/Malaysian food

So I just got done watching No Reservations: Singapore and I suddenly have the urge to have some Singapore/Malaysian style food, but I don't know of too many good places. I've been to Satay2Go, which is pretty good; the laksa and satay is delicious, but it doesn't have much variety.

Could anyone direct me to some good places to go to? It doesn't have to be a sit down restaurant, take out is just fine with me, but please be sure to tell me if it is a take out place. Also, let me know what kinds of dishes I should have there.

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  1. That show made me want to fly immediately to Singapore to eat!

    Have you tried Peninsula Retaurant? I haven't gotten there yet, but I've seen several discussions of the place on this board. (My vague recollection is that some dishes are great and others aren't, so specific recommendations are a good idea.) Here are a few of the threads:


    1. Okay. We just got back from Satay2Go.

      Went there because I had an appt in Apple Valley, so we had to take a mini-vacation down south. Originally we were going to go to Red Square Deli. We actually went inside, but were uninspired.. and my oh my were we glad we decided to move on.

      Seriously, if anyone is anywhere near Apple Valley, this place is worth the trip. The owner is so genuinely awesome he describes his recommendations after listening to what you're into. Sometimes I hate this because people become pushy (especially if you're white in an asian restaurant), but man.. this guy was ON.

      My husband's dish: Nasi Lemak, was brought out first. I don't love curry, so I'm glad he ordered it because I never would have. Looked kinda like chicken curry & rice you'd get at Aribel's (hearty, big portions, simple style).. but the taste was totally different (yet equally awesome). It brought me back to every thing I tasted in Singapore... plus a bonus. The rice was spiked with coconut. Hooray.

      My dish.. I cannot say enough good things about. Mee Rebus, vegetarian style. Big fat noodles garnished with bean sprouts, crispy garlic & cilantro.. not to mention the cutest key lime. I had to take a photo. Inside there were many chunks of tofu done just right, tons of maybe cabbage and onions.. in a curry made of: sweet potatoes! Everyone needs to try it.

      I am sensing many more mini-vacations in our future.

      Oh yeah, we got a butterfly roll (taro & sweet potato) to go. It's so cute I don't really want to eat it.. but with that flavor combo I don't imagine it will last long.

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      1. re: reannd

        I've gone to S2G probably 6 or so times and recommend them enthusiastically. I've enjoyed everything I've ever had there. It is good, homestyle cooking, comes out when it's hot (even if it means you start eating 5 minutes earlier than your partner). Some of the dishes are slim on vegetables - I remember having some kind of chicken dish that was sauced chicken, rice, and 3 cucumber slices for garnish. Prices are reasonable.

        The people who run the place are nice, too. We go on weeknights, and they often have their kid(s?) there, but it's quiet. They do more takeout business than dine-in, probably because Apple Valley is quite the suburban area.

        I haven't gone early enough to try many of their bakery offerings (we usually show up around 8 PM), but I've purchased their an pan (bean paste roll) and liked it.

        Lastly, I also echo the sentiments about Peninsula. We don't get there often because it's quite a drive for us, but I love the food. It's been delicious every time.

        Satay 2 Go
        6670 150th St W, Saint Paul, MN 55124

        Peninsula Malaysian Cuisine
        2608 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

      2. go to peninsula. you will NOT be dissapointed. it's the BOMB, yo. pretty much everything i have ever tried there has been excellent. i love taro and they have this dish that is a taro bowl w/meat & veggies inside it.

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        1. re: cherisshen

          CURRY TOFU HOTPOT!!! It is sooooo good.

          Peninsula is very good. Their tofu is the best I have ever had. My husband loves their fish. I've had over 20 menu items and have liked them all, though not all were what I expected.

          1. re: churchka

            peninsula makes their own tofu-- that is why it's so fresh & good.

            1. re: soupkitten

              sk--do you know any other places in the Twin Cities that make their own tofu? I'd love to know of more places that either offer it on their menu or markets/grocers etc. who sell it to you as a grocery item to prepare at home.


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                as some hounds know i was once employed at the nankin on 7th and henn (now fogo). say whatever you want about about the quality of the nankin's chinese-american food (especially near the end), but that place made their own tofu before dim-sum on the weekends and their own eggrolls every tuesday (boy was that a production!). as a result of my employment there, i once thought that almost *every* restaurant that served tofu or eggrolls made them fresh in-house. was i wrong! especially with the higher-quality tofu commercially available now, it seems that every restaurant now prefers to purchase. i am searching around myself for places that still make their own-- i fear it is becoming a lost art. when i discovered peninsula made their own tofu i beat a path to their door. i will keep you updated if i find more places with house-made tofu in msp!

                1. re: soupkitten

                  Thank you, soupkitten. For now, I shall be satisfied with Peninsula's house-made tofu, but I do hope someday there are more options!


                  1. re: soupkitten

                    Do you know if Little Szechuan makes their own tofu? I went for my old fave there, Ma Po Tofu, last evening and it's as good (and spicy) as ever. Their tofu seems as light and fresh as Peninsula's. If they don't, the stuff they buy is quite good.

                    1. re: bob s

                      I don't know, Bob, but I'm going to ask next time I'm in (after my diet.) I love their Ma Po tofu and their fish with tofu in spicy tasty broth. I saw on Zimmern's (can't remember whether it was Zimmern himself or one of the replies) blog refer to it as "homestyle" tofu... but, wasn't sure what that meant.


                      1. re: The Dairy Queen

                        thanks-- i don't know if l.s. makes their own tofu--but it seems like they might be the type of place that would. i recall the tofu in l.s.' ma-po tofu in particular as being very soft and home-made-like. i also suspect mandarin kitchen may make their own, although i did not ask when i was last there for dim sum.

                  2. re: The Dairy Queen

                    bravo bakery (which i know you know) for sure makes their own mock fish.. not sure about tofu, though

              2. re: cherisshen

                I second that sentiment, Peninsula is our go to restaurant. Plus, it's open late! We can rarely get out to eat in time for a 9:00pm close, so it works out perfect.

                Does Rice Paper have any Singapore/Malaysian dishes? We love that place as well.