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Feb 19, 2008 04:34 PM

Portland Pizza Party for 30-50

We have a big group of cyclists from the West Coast meeting up in Oregon in May for a week long ride that will end in Portland. We'd like to enjoy a pizza dinner that last night (a Thursday) and wondered if there was a place that had a big party room or would consider closing for a private party?

We do have several pizza aficionados in the group, so the better the pie (Naples-style is preferred) the happier the hounds.

Since I'm arranging this from San Diego, the more info you can include (phone #'s especially), the better.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I don't have a suggestion for you, as I don't go out for pizza all that much, but as a fair warning, many of the better pie places around town make a limited amount of dough. On busy nights, they'll run out by 7pm. What may be causing the lack of suggestions, I think, is the sheer volume, as those pie places will serve 30-50 *total people* on a given night. In the end, I think you might have to make some concessions as per the quality, or pick a different cuisine that might be more banquet oriented. I'm not trying to discourage you from your search, but I'm just suggesting that you should have a backup plan.

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      Just to clarify, SS, we serve probably around 250 per night. The "running out of dough" topic has gotten blown out of proportion quite a bit. We make enough dough to be at full capacity during our 5 hours of service, which is 100 pizzas. If we say we are out of dough at 7pm, we are actually saying that we have enough people on the waiting list to serve clear up to 10pm, or, in other words, "we are booked for the night".

      Apizza Scholls

    2. You can get fantastic pizza (Scholls, Ken's) OR you can find a place that accommodates your group, but you won't be able to do both. You might try Flying Pie in the Montevilla neighborhood and call ahead to reserve the room downstairs. Nice folks, fun atmosphere, pizza's fine, but certainly not memorable.

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        Agreed, the best pies are at both Apizza Scholls and Ken's Artisan Pizza but there is little to no chance of securing either restaurant for a group that size. I am also a big fan of Bella Faccia Pizza on NE Alberta Street They have terrific, hand-crafted pies (nice crust) with excellent toppings (even a tasty vegan pie). They have a small restaurant space but also a nice size patio out back (it may even be covered but I can't remember). It would be worth giving them a call.

      2. For a restaurant like ours (Apizza Scholls), or Ken's Artisan Pizza, you are looking at renting the restaurant out for the entire evening, as your group would take up almost every seat in either restaurant. Renting a restaurant out for a night would cost you the restaurants average night sales, which for either restaurant would run you a lot of money.

        The only place I can think of that has seperate banquet area, that could handle a private party of your size, is Stark Street Pizza at SE 82nd and Stark. It is an old fashioned pizza parlor that should work well for your group. It is far from Naples-style, but if you stay simple, it is quite enjoyable.

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          Wow--renting out Apizza Scholls for an entire night would be pretty darn cool--I'm thinking that it would be worth a lot of money! :^)