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Feb 19, 2008 04:05 PM

Baltimore Oyster Bars

On Thursday, my brother and I are Oyster Bar-hopping our way 'round Balto. We're planning to hit (in an as-yet-to-be-determined order) : Ryleigh's & Nick's (in Cross St. Mkt) in Ferrol Hill, Waterfront Hotel in FP, & Mama's on the Half Shell in Canton. Am I missing any obvious (or less so) Oyster Bar choices ? The wider the variety of bivalve choices, the more I'm apt to squeeze in another. Thanx, 'hounds !

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  1. I have a fondness for the Happy Hour Oyster shooters @ McnSchmacks, if you're heading past Pier 5 at that time, deviate and add a little shooter to the list. Their $1.95 and the last time I had them, they were nice and plump w/ a good kick of VodkaBloody Mary in the mix.
    Is the Whistling Oyster still open in Fells Point? I've not eaten there but the name would seem...

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      Unless the Whistling Oyster has finally been yuppified (it has been for sale for awhile), the name is misleading. It's traditionally been about drinking, not eating.

    2. Federal Hill, not Ferrol Hill

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        I had wonderful local oysters at Woodberry Kitchen recently!

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          LoL...I'm pretty sure he meant 'Ferrel Hill', as in 'Fools Point' - gentrifying the neighbourhoods doesn't just attract good food... :)