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Feb 19, 2008 03:58 PM

Haru Sushi now open in Glenwood Village/Raleigh

Well, I was thrilled to see a sushi place open so near me, but was worried it wouldn't be good (not sure why). It is recently open and I got to stop by tonight and was presently surprised. It was nothing short of great. It was just me and two small kids, so we got a limited sampling, but what we had was on par with what I have had at better sushi places here and in bigger cities. The service was a little unsure, but they clearly are just figuring some things out. But the food came out fast, so that was not a problem.

I got a special roll that I had not seen the likes of in any other place,(so many rolls are good, but copycats these days). It was called the Fantastic Dream, or something like that. I think it was salmon, tuna, avacado and ginger wrapped in rice. It was yummy, especially with the crunch of ginger. Which made me check out the ginger on my plate, which brings me to the highlight of the night. The ginger there is fresher than I have seen at most (any?) place. It was not pink or even that dull was white and fresh and bright tasting.....I don't know what made it different. Has anyone had such ginger?

Anyway, it is a great new place for Raleigh sushi lovers to check out when near downtown.

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  1. Will definitely have to check it out for sushi! Re: the ginger, I had lunch with friends at Mura today and had a very fresh, tangy, white ginger. I don't usually eat much of it, but I ate most of what was on my plate today.

    1. Thanks so much! I just saw that recently and have been meaning to ask....

      1. Is Glenwood Village where the HT is?

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          Yes - it's just to the right of Glenwood Grill. Just appeared one day.

          1. re: cackalackie

            thanks for the confirmation, i pass that plaza all the time and hardly ever stop... this is a good reason exp if that pastry shop is still there.