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Feb 19, 2008 03:37 PM

Shad roe in NOVA or DC?

I hear that shad roe is making an early appearance this year. Does anyone know of a market that sells this delicious, seasonal treat in Northern Virginia? I'll venture into DC for it if need be, but I would prefer not to. Thanks!

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  1. I would call Wegman's and Whole Foods. Also, there's a place off I-395 on Glebe Rd. - someone help me with the name. Maine Ave fish market might work too, but you worry about the pedigree.

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      I saw shad roe at Wegman's on Monday. Must say I was surprised, since I wasn't expecting them for a couple more weeks, but they looked gorgeous.

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        Generally not to worry about any "pedigree," whatever you mean by that, at Maine Ave. The seafood there is either direct-supply or from Jessup.
        The bigger thing to be concerned about with shad is the perishability of the roe which should be no problem at Maine Ave since this is such a local delicacy and there should be high turnover.
        With the filets, be concerned about who did the work, as fileting the whole fish requires a great deal more skill than fileting other fish. Shad have something like 1100 tiny bones and I've been told it takes years of practice to get good at fileting them expertly. Not something to be trusted to a part-timer in the fish department at most stores. Also not something easily compensated for at the dinner table.

      2. I saw it at the WF in Clarendon last night. Incidentally, I had a delicious shad roe dish at Pesce (in Dupont) last week- I am still dreaming of it. They sold it as an app. but it could have easily been an entree.

        1. I'm not sure of any stores that sell shad roe, but One Block West restaurant in Winchester has some that's awesome. Well...I'm sure it's awesome since Ed's cooking rocks, but I haven't actually had it (never wanted to eat anything that comes in a sac). Check

          1. when it truly is in season the Glasgows at Eastern Market have it - didn't see it on Saturday...

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              Southern Maryland Seafood (aka Chad and Richard Glasgow) at Eastern Market have had both boned shad and beautiful roe lately. I've seen it several times - starting about a week or two ago. I was really surprised to see it so early in the year.
              Maybe they had already sold out by the time you got there.

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                The store HSBSteveM is referring to above is Slavin & Sons on Glebe Road. They have it. So does Balducci's in McLean.

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                  it was late in the day on Saturday - the price I pay to avoid crowds.

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                    I did see them on Thursday, nice and plump membranes (just a couple) sorry I love the market, but hate crowds so I go really early or really late - usu. late.

              2. I saw it at BlackSalt's market on Saturday.