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Feb 19, 2008 03:11 PM

Anyone ever make a cookbook?

Like, just for family and friends. I'm thinking Christmas presents and I want to start early. There are a few websites, anyone have any suggestions or comments? Thanks.

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  1. Last year there were several posts on this topic including one which solicited recipes from family members to be a family reunion (?) gift for everyone. I recall that different software types, websites as well as publishing options were discussed. Sorry that I cannot be more help. Good luck.

    1. Blogger and cookbook author Heidi Swanson posted about this site on her blog sometime in December:

      I have not tried it though, so cannot personally vouch for how they turn out.

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        The tastebooks *look* very pretty - I'm very tempted to try it!! I'll report back if I do choose to give it a shot!

        1. re: hangrygirl

          I used Tastebook this Christmas to make a cookbook for my mom. I was very pleased with the result. If I recall correctly, you can kind of inter-use it with epicurious, so you can include your own recipes as well as select some from epicurious. I thought it turned out really nice and professional-looking, highly recommend it.

      2. I did this several years ago with binders that look like photo albums - the pages have 2 openings on a page roughly 4x6 in size. I typed the recipes up and printed them on heavier stock and took pictures of many of the recipes I included. THis way, it was easy to give out recipe expander packs for birthdays etc. and people could have places for their own recipes.

        1. I just bought Matildas Fantastic Cookbook software on line. I found out about it here, do a search. So far the little I have used it it was very easy to use.

          1. I had a good friend who made a cookbook to use as her wedding favors...she had all of her food-loving friends contribute recipes, and then she had them all printed and bound (inexpensively). It was a cute idea, and the recipes she asked us for were all ones that she and her intended had enjoyed with us...