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Feb 19, 2008 02:54 PM

easter brunch/lunch in boston

my mother lives in an assisted living facility in charlestown. my husband and kids want to take her out to brunch or lunch for easter. any suggestions? we live in CT so someplace good and not too far outside of charlestown would be great.

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  1. We went through this with a family member with the additional problem of dementia. We took her to the Top of the Hub where she loved, loved, loved the view. We took photos that she could show her friends at the assisted living. The menu had foods she liked and was familiar with and our meals were okay.

    They have a lot of families on holidays and the waiters, used to dealing with children, were kind in dealing with a person with dementia.

    The view gave us reason to take a break and walk around the room over into the lounge area between courses when she was restless,.

    You can park under the Pru, take the elevator right to the restaurant .

    We also did a couple of Thanksgivings at Brasserie Joe at the Colonnade Hotel. They were also wonderful in handling special needs. Again, parking is right there or you can drop part of the group at the front door and join them in the restaurant.

    The hounds in the group will be happier here.

    My third suggestion would be Sel De La Terre on the waterfront. Parking is nearby or valet and again the menu will suit the whole group with the Chowhounds especially happy. This will be the nearest to Charlestown and the waterfront and Aquarium are right there for any little kids.

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