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Feb 19, 2008 01:18 PM

Carlos & Gabby's in Cedarhurst

My spouse & I went to C & G's for lunch today. I am happy to report that they now have added charbroiled chicken & beef offerings to their menu. They are also offering lunch specials. They seem to be getting more walk in and takeout business.

I know that Smokey Joe's has taken some heat from Chowhounders. However, I agree with Jeterfan that they should try to open a branch in the Five Towns because they are superior to both Dougie's and Carlos and Gabby's. As I saw the good lunch time crowd at Carlos & Gabby's, it made me realize that Smokey Joe's would have a huge market in the Five Towns (especially for takeout).

By the way, we passed the not as of yet opened Grillpoint location. It looks like no work was going on inside. I am sorry to report this to both MartyB and Jeterfan.

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  1. Thanks for the Grillpoint update, wished to hear better news. About C&G, I never went there because I assumed Mexican fare implied hot & spicy. Do you think that the charbroiled chicken & beef offerings are spicy too? Also, how are their prices, approx how much would a charbroiled chicken dish go for. I just returned from Israel, needless to say I must go right back on my Atkins diet so any mostly meatish place interests me.

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      MB, much of the food is not too spicy. Sauces can be ordered on the side and you can ask them to hold the jalapeno peppers. Be aware that the food is more like fast food than gourmet (ie. it is not in the same league as Sushi Metsuyan). It is more like Subway or Burgers Bar type of food preparation. I don't know the pricing.

      I am not a big fan of C & G's. We hadn't been there in a long time and we wanted to eat something other than deli, Israeli food, pizza, or Sushi Metsuyan.

      1. re: moonlightgraham

        The food is just ok, bordering on bland. The hot sauce is what gives it "flavor." The food should be tasty and the sauces accentuate the food. Here , the sauce has taste, but the food does not. The red , white (yellow), and blue complementary tortilla chips have NO taste. But, are full are food dye, I am sure.There was a good Mexican place in Great Neck a few years ago, in the Shish Kebab Palace location. Their food was much better.

        1. re: inky

          I disagree.The food is tasty and enjoyable with or without the sauce. We come to the 5 towns from NYC to visit friends and family and enjoy this place. We have tried a number of different items,all with sauce on the side and have enjoyed them all. The food is not expensive and a good value for the money.

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            I'm sorry, but I believe that this is Lashon Hora. Please make sure that you only say positive things about people or places, or say nothing at all.

            1. re: ChofetzChaim


              Thank you for your informative post. I agree with everything you say. I am originally from California (I don't know about now, but there used to be several killer strictly kosher Mexican restaurants there). The horrible red and blue chips at C&G are anything but authentic, and the food is not in the least "Mexican." Advertising the restaurant as such is dishonest IN MY OPINION. I do like the decor very much, and I love how there's no waiter to pay (2 very big plusses); the sandwiches are very good (especially the "Cedarhurst") but the "shwarma fajitas?" Give me a break; they consisted of teeny-tiny bits of chicken (probably the ends that were whacked off of cutlets) and not much else; definately not worth the price. Go to a shwarma dive if you want shwarma. I miss Pepe Tom and Ole from back in the day in Los Angeles; in fact, nearly all of the milchig restaurants (even pizza places) in L.A. had (and have) Mexican items dripping with melted cheese (yum!).

              As for the suggestion (more of a directive) to "Make sure that you only say positive things about people or places, or say nothing at all," we may as well close down Chowhound and deprive diners of much-needed information so they can spend their money and time gleaning the information on their own, rather than having someone else do the legwork for them.

      2. My Dh and I tried it a couple of times a few months after they opened. We also didn't find the food tasty. In fact I found my (shredded beef?) burrito a bit gross. I think that some people like it because it's something new to try (not too many kosher mexican places around). we tried the place twice and were really unimpressed, really nothing special at all. And one time we had to wait for about 30 min to get our food! after that we decided that there are better places (Burger bar for example ) to go to. That said, I think that the prices are good or inexpensive.

        1. We were very pleased with C&G, much much better food than Smokey Joe's, and much closer. Everything they make is made fresh, you can tell by the taste. This is the only kosher place ever to serve real tortilla chips, made from real tortillas, not those corn chip things from a bag. And those blue corn tortillas, seem to be made with blue corn.
          The comparison to Burger Bar is stunning. Now thats aplace I will never return to. They throw "your" burger on the gril, and leave it there until they get to your order. Could be five minutes, could be, but more likely the 20 minutes we waited. So its completely overcooked. So they have sauces? who cares, the burger was inedible.

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            Real tortillas? Obviously a New Yorker said this. "Blue corn tortillas, seem to be made with blue corn" Like whaaaa? The exact opposite is the truth. Go to a supermarket and get a bag of one of the dozens of CRC- or OU-supervised fresh corn tortillas (we like the ones from Trader Joe's, with no preservatives), throw 'em directly onto a hot burner grate (tovel it first) with no pan or anything for a few seconds, and you'll have authentic tortilla chips in no time. Muy delicioso. Trader Joe's and health food stores sell lots of real blue (as well as red and white) tortilla chips in bags that are sans the artificial blue and red coloring that's obviously in the C&G tasteless chips.

          2. to the people who have been disappointed with carlos & gabby's: you ordered the wrong thing. there are some items on the menu that taste bad and are just bizarre (hello, taquito/eggrolls, i'm talking to you), but there are also some things that are unbelievably good. and i say "unbelievably" because this is the only kosher restaurant i have ever eaten from that i have enthusiastically gone back to, and served to both non-kosher and non-jewish people.

            last night my husband and i shared the boneless ribs and the steak platters, and we both agreed it was the best meal we've had in months. the ribs especially were soft as butter and the sauce was smoky and not too sweet. he had to be convinced to get food from a kosher place, and he thanked me all through the meal. and $15 for a platter with two enormous pieces of steak is amazing, especially when kosher.

            and if you think their food is bland, then you didn't try the buffalo sauce. it's served on the side in consideration of wimps, but we poured it on, and it was flavorful and fiery.

            right now i'm eating a grilled chicken wrap, cold and leftover from last night, and it's great and full of chicken - and all white meat.

            okay, i've gone on too long. i just wanted to speak up.

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            1. re: carriegood

              Many thanks for your post. I went there tonight for the steak platter. Nice size portion with excellent sides. Never went before because I assumed that since it was a "Mexican" place it must be spicy. This find makes up for my disappointment with Grill Point.