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Feb 19, 2008 12:50 PM

Restaurant Week(s): March, 2008. Where are YOU going?

My officemates and I usually go to 4-5 places for lunch during the 2 week RW period.

For this year we have reservations @ L 'Espalier, Moo and Aquataine. Also probably Tapeo. Need to choose a few more.

Anyone have plans to take advantage of RW?

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  1. Great question - we are trying to choose 2. Right now we are deciding between Grotto, Sel de la Terre, Union Bar and Grill, Tapeo and Tremont 647.

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    1. re: lulu806

      i went to tremont 647 last year for RW and my friends and i were all extremely dissapointed. i would say union & SDLT are x10000 better.

      1. re: kweesee

        I agree that Tremont 647 wasn't too impressive last year. Nothing notably poor, but also nothing notably good. If I recall correctly there were many options to upgrade to a different menu item, but even the upgrades were mediocre. Service was off the mark as well.

    2. Tapeo isn't open for lunch, even if it's listed on the RW website.

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      1. re: 02139

        GRRRRRRR ..... I didn't think they were either, but they have a RW lunch menu on line.

        1. re: 02139

          Actually they are open for lunch and offering the RW menu, but only on Saturday and Sundays. FYI with Grotto, I love it there, but they offer that menu year round so it may be beneficial to opt for a location that only offers a discounted menu specifically for RW

        2. Ooooh Restaurant Week. Anybody have suggestions for places that do it well (as in, don't serve a sub-par version of their regular fare)? Also, any places that would have a chance of being good for a vegetarian dinner companion?

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          1. re: okello

            i love pigalle at restaurant week. can't comment about vegetarians but they always have a lot of great options

            1. re: cambridgeMike

              I had a very good experience @ Pigalle last year, and I just saw the RW menu for Grotto, I don't think you could go wrong there, but I believe it is dinner only.

            2. re: okello

              I've always had good luck with Upstairs on the Square as a veggie during restaurant week. Dante has a veggie friendly menu this year. Last year I did Meritage and OM which were veggie friendly (not sure about this year).

            3. Regarding Grotto - my one and only dinner there was during RW, and BFP and I had a mediocre meal (in which we got poor renditions of some of the restaurant's signature dishes) and horrible, horrible service. Folks on this board pointed out that Grotto has a great combo deal all the time that's not much more expensive than the RW price, so it might be better to try them out another time.

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              1. re: Allstonian

                Grotto's RW menu is available for most of March, as a straight up prix fixe from March 2 to 22. So I'd suggest making a reservation on a non-RW night, perhaps after the hurly-burly's done. I did that last year on a Wednesday night and was handsomely rewarded with one of my favorite RW dinners to date.

                This year I have a reservation at Sandrine's (have yet to set foot in the place) and am pondering Boston Public (more to see the space than anything else) and Terramia.

                1. re: Dr.Jimbob

                  Ya know, on second thought I agree w/ Allstonian and Dr. JimBob, I had forgotten about the very reasonable and substantial prixe fix menu at Grotto. You can get a great, reasonably priced meal without the RW stress on the kitchen or wait staff. Good Call.

                  My initial suggestion was biased towards folks who make the venture into town for RW whom might not otherwise visit these establishments.

                  1. re: Dr.Jimbob

                    Thanks for the tip - we changed our reservation at Grotto to tomorrow night and that freed up one of our RW fridays to try another place!

                    1. re: uman

                      I have only been once and had a wonderful experience - we got there an hour early (made reserves at 5:30 and could only get an 8 o'clock one) - they suggested a drink at the bar (which I swear we did not get charged for!) and had a table within 20 minutes for us - had three servers waiting on us and this was a Friday night - place filled up quickly after our arrival - I thought the food was excellent and my DC's and I are looking forward to returning!