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Feb 19, 2008 12:49 PM

Cafe Con Leche in Orlando

I went to Miami and had the best cafe con leche and now with this cooler weather I am craving some. Any ideas?

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  1. check out rincon cuban cafe on forsyth, near university blvd. delicious!!

    1. There used to be an awesome cuban cafe downtown by the same name I believe. Do you know if they are the same people?

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      1. re: cccoppage

        Tino's in Winter Garden makes a good one.

        1. re: cccoppage

          i think that was roho...i could be wrong, but i don't think the two are connected. rincon has AWESOME breakfast sandwiches "amanacer cubano"!

        2. I hate to say this, but your best bet is buy an expresso pot and a can of Cafe Bustelo and make your own
          Cafe con leche in Miami is available on every street corner ( kind of like banks in Orlando) and it was easy to grab a cup on the way to work. I can't see it as "destination food"