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Feb 19, 2008 12:26 PM

Sea Salt

I just ate at Sea Salt. For a seafood place there were surprisingly few things on the menu that I could eat (I eat CA kosher style.) We shared some salads that were yum, the chicory salad had a bit of cheese and orange to balance out the bitterness, the beet salad also a bit of dairy to enrich the beets. The portions were not generous for the $10, but the quality and flavors were good. We had fish & chips which were good, I don't know if $18 good. Certainly not really as good as an English fish & chip house that wraps the whole thing in newspaper, but certainly fresh, quality ingredients and a whole lot cheaper and time friendly than taking a plane to England. We also had the arctic char ($25) which was served over a smattering of braised root vegetables in broth. The fish was cooked perfectly with the skin crisp and the inside moist, no lemon on the plate which I always thins enhances salmon. The food was very good, simple competent preparations.

The thing that was a detraction was the service. Our waiter did not flash a smile all night. We had no idea what the cocktail on the menu that started with juniper and was named for a Hemingway novel- could he not have said it was a gin & tonic pleasantly? In any case all through the evening we were scared to ask him anything and then he spilled coffee on me and his initial comment was," I don't know how that happened." There it was coffee pot in his hand coffee on my shirt. Of course the rest. offered to pay for cleaning but really is this enough? I now have a stained new shirt that I have to take and fetch from the cleaners and then present them with a bill- I think it's a bit more than making me whole - why not throw in a round of drinks or some dessert- they could have thrown us each a $1.5 truffle, but I guess it was just too much of a transaction.

In any case the bottom line review is that the food is good sort of what CA cuisine is, the room is nice, the prices elevated and the personalities humorless, condescending.

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  1. I've had really great, friendly service there. Sorry you didn't. I agree they could have comped you something in addition to paying for the cleaners. It's such a nice place, though, I hope you'll consider giving it another try.

    1. Sea Salt's one of our regulars. I've usually had very friendly service, and never any serious problems.

      $12-15 for appetizers and $25 for entrees is pretty average for good seafood around here.

      1. I've always had good service at Sea Salt. I stick to the less expensive items like the Banh Mi, and usually leave full for about $50 for two after tax and tip. Not too many good restaurants in Berkeley with table service in that price range. Of course, it would be easy to spend more money there.

        1. I had some service issues at Sea Salt when I went there a couple of months back. But most of that revolved around the timing of entrees and waits. However, we were comped both our oysters(which were the big problem-it shouldn't take an hour to get them) and our dessert. The waitstaff was friendly if a bit hurried given that the place wasn't half full.

          1. Hm. We were there last week and were served by a guy we didn't recognize. He was definitely more sullen then the waiters we usually had, so I wonder if that was the same guy you had?