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Feb 19, 2008 12:19 PM

Bluefish, Delray Beach

We were really looking forward to a new restaurant on Atlantic Ave. Oh well, another disappointment. From the moment we walked in, I had a bad feeling. Hostesses were rude and could not figure out where to seat anybody, although the restaurant was empty. The main focus of this Japanese restaurant is sushi. We are major sushi lovers and have eaten at the best sushi restaurants in Manhattan. The sushi here was totally inedible. Not only did it taste bad, it looked strange. The tuna was so dark, it looked like it had been injected with some sort of dye. The salmon tasted like it had been frozen - it was mushy. Even the edamame wasn't cooked properly and the soup was cold. I could go on and on. I haven't felt this turned off by a restaurant in a long time. If you must eat sushi in Delray Beach, then try the Sake Room - it is much better, but not great.

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  1. LifeIsGood.I'm so sorry about your experience......I live in Lake Worth......10 miles north of Delray. I am so Leery about new Sushi restaurants. I have had such bad suchi myself that it makes one wonder. Trust me.. That restaurant won't be there in a month...

    1. What a shame...thanks for sharing, I love sushi and love to try new places...will definitely skip this one...ewww....Have you tried Sushi Yoshi in West Boca? I have nothing but good things about it, but haven't gotten there yet.

      1. Ahh yes, Bluefish. It's in one of those spots some of us locals call "jinxed". This location sees a new restaurant just about every 6 months! For whatever reason, none of them last. Delray has a few spots like this... the building right next to the RR tracks... the place next to Elwoods ("Aspen Jacks" at the moment). Meanwhile, they are virtually surrounded on all sides by long-lasting and jam-packed restaurants (City Oyster, Sazio, 32 East, Tramonti, Louie Louie, etc etc)!

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          the place next to Elwoods does seem jinxed but I guess there is the problem of the railroad which really isn't a problem if you are at Elwoods, the narrow sidewalk which means no tables outside - again not a problem for Elwoods, and the fact that Elwoods is next door which is noisy and seems to make some people nervous due to the bikers and rockers!! Me, I love Elwoods and go there fairly regularly.

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            I know that location is jinxed, so I am not quite sure why we decided to try Blue Fish. It makes no sense - it's really a great space. We are so tired of eating at the same restaurants on Atlantlic Ave. Have you tried Joseph's wine bar on 2nd Ave.? The food is really good.

          2. This is so weird?! I was just looking at their website and was going to post at CH if somebody had been there yet..... Guess, not going to go to Blue Fish.... The website looked good... Guess we stick to Blue Fin in Boca, a little drive but it has always been solid!

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            1. re: chefschickie

              I agree.So many restaurants, and other businesses for that matter, have come and gone on Atlantic. I think the rent is super high that it's hard to make ends meet. I really enjoyed "Phyllis G's Enigma" on North Federal.

              1. re: HotMelly

                it's not too surprising that many restaurants don't last on Atlantic, as you say hotmelly rents are high and the snowbird and tourist season has got shorter and shorter. I noticed that this year was quieter than last which was quieter than the one before. Not once have we waited for tables anywhere or driven round for ages looking to park. The recession is hitting here and people are going out less and spending less. We have taken to going out for a drink rather than a meal or going to a chain and having a cheaper meal more often than the big fancy dinners.

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                  i went to "Phyllis G's Enigma" last night and was really disappointed with the service and in this economy that will not float a boat much less a business. Because this was my first time there I will listen to others who may have had a good time there however
                  1 never tell your guest it is on the house then had them a bill then add money to that bill without talking to the guest first
                  2 if you are out of many things on your menu that night maybe especially if you have had a good weekend(good for them btw) maybe take five minutes and i cannot imagine (based on amount of customers that were there) print a Sunday menu to add to your menu. we tried to order Not once Not Twice but Four different things that were not available. I hate giving bad reviews in this economy it really has to suck for me to piss and moan but the food was good not great and at least if service is good and food is available at a resto I could look passed some things not worth my time

              2. Bluefish . . . perhaps higher end for Texas, where the chain originated. South Florida diners have higher expectations as many move between NY area and Florida and have the opportunity to dine at some of the best sushi restaurants. Average food at best with a poor sake selection on my visit. The space is attractive and may do well as Boca tends to go for style over substance in many cases. It takes over from Saki Room and Kyoto as the new leader in style over substance. For better sushi and sake . . . Sushi Jo on PGA, Sushi Blues in Hollywood, Daimatsu in Royal Palm, Jewel Bako in New York.

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                1. re: themaddiner

                  I've heard it's run is nearly over . . . from unofficial sources. I won't be sad to see it gone.

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                    I agree and am not surprised. I wish someone would open a great Chinese or Mexican restaurant, although that space seems to be jinxed. Uncle Tai's should open a Delray location.

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                      Have you tried CUT 432? We have eaten there three times. The food was excellent.

                      1. re: LifeisGood58

                        I have not been to CUT yet but I did have an underwhelming experience at Vertical. I'm fairly knowledgeable about wine while my dining companion knows cheese (worked at Artisinal in NYC). We were not impressed by the high pressure wine sales technique, wine temperature or the cheese plate. That was my first and last visit to Vertical. A family member has really enjoyed both Vertical and now CUT. I may check it out for apps. and atmosphere at some point. Let me add that I'm not a serious meat eater so that appeal is lost on me.

                        1. re: themaddiner

                          I believe that Vertical in Boca is closed.

                          1. re: RickL

                            I'm aware of that. I mentioned Vertical as it is the same team who own/run CUT 432.