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Feb 19, 2008 12:06 PM

Stovetrotter Bistro, Asheville

Has anyone tried Stovetrotter Bistro in Asheville? I made a reservation for tomorrow evening, but would like some feedback prior to going.

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    1. We have been twice and have enjoyed both meals. The first time was a wine dinner that was just excellent. Wines were matched up very well with food. The speaker from the winery was very good and not boring. The room is small but it made for a nice group setting. The second time was to check out the food on a regular night. Again, the experience was a solid A. The Biltimore area has turned into a place to go again.

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        Stovetrotter Bistro is a wonderful addition to Asheville. We had dinner there last week and I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the food and the service. The ambiance is lovely and I think it is going to do really well. We are really looking forward to trying it again. It's great to have another delicious option!!!!!

        1. re: leahinsc

          Another example of a snotty attitude with no on-line prices on the Menu
          For this reason alone I would never patronize this "Bistro" who do they think they are?

          1. re: mustardgirl

            It's ashame that you are judging the restaurant by their website and no on-line prices. Who cares??? The food is excellent and the owner and the servers could not have been friendlier. There is not one ounce of "snotty attitude" at Stovetrotters and you are really missing out.

            1. re: LifeisGood58

              You MUST question their motives in not posting prices on thier website It is nothing but deception to the public and really poor judgement. Is is a matter of improving the bottom line in the face of public disclosure
              I do not care how good the food is or how fair the pricing of their menu. This kind of behavior I find repulsive. Suffice to say, I would NEVER eat there even if they gave the food away for free.

              1. re: mustardgirl

                There are dozens of reasons why they have not posted prices to their website - many of them quite innocent. Judgments made without full information often are faulty. . .
                Any question about their price range can be met with a brief phone call!

                1. re: meatn3

                  Name a few reasons.
                  Ask yourself what percentage of establishments Do Not post their menu prices. I am sure very very few. Would not places that Post their prices have the same innocent reasons too?
                  What makes Stovetrotter special?
                  The most common is chain restaraunts that do not post due price differances between cities/states

                  1. re: mustardgirl

                    A quick look at their site shows they are fairly new & have set an ambitious series of goals for themselves. This immediately indicates two possible reasons:
                    1) Hurried to get something up on the web before they were completely ready ...leading to
                    2) Been utterly swamped with the day to day of running a small biz and updating the site is lower priority than prepping for service, processing payroll, scrambling to find a new vendor when your fav has gone out of business, etc. etc. etc.

                    In addition:
                    3) Many biz owners don't know how to update their site - dependent on their computer wizard to do so. If $ is tight (and resto biz is a slim margin) this may slip to the category of "later when there is more money"
                    4) Time constraints. Especially if they have a changing, seasonal menu. By the time the menu is set, the dishes have been cost out, it is time to open!

                    They appear to be dedicated, passionate folks willing to take financial, personal & professional risks to make their dream happen. Does this make them "special"? Thats pretty subjective. Does it make me willing to reserve judgment until I have actually
                    been there or learned some facts? Yes! Especially when the judgment is based on a purely personal quirk about a lapsed detail that is in no way related to the quality, presentation, creativity or deliciousness of their food!

                    Lastly, a web site is still a fairly new concept for small businesses. Many people have not incorporated the web into their lives to the extent of thinking to look up a menu. Those of us who use Chowhound & similar ilk sometimes forget that.

                    1. re: meatn3

                      I think you make some decent points but I still feel, especially in the age of the internet and how websites are a vital part of the business,that there are other motives.

              2. re: LifeisGood58

                I heard they have changed chefs is this true? Has the menu/food changed?

                1. re: catsailor

                  I don't know. We had dinner there for the first time around three weeks ago. All I know is, that the food was delicious and the service was terrific.

                  1. re: catsailor

                    Stovetrotters did recently change chefs. There are now two executive chefs,Nate Clark and Dan Robinson. The menu has change and I think it will be changing seasonally. I love to go for lunch, but recently went for dinner and it was amazing. I had the Beef tenderloin with a blackberry demi glace and black truffle mac and cheese. The meat was very tender and cooked just as I asked for it, the demi glace had just the right amount of sweetness to it, and the portions were just right. I would highly suggest going and trying it again if you haven't recently.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. I went to Stovetrotters last night and was not impressed. I had been for lunch and loved it. We sat at the bar or chef's table. I thougt it would be fun because you can watch them cook. The staff was stuffy, moved at a turtle's pace, and I felt like they were listening to our conversation. They cheese plate and seared tuna were awesome, but they entrees were not. I ordered the mustard airline? chicken breast. It was very sweet, mabey I should have asked what they meant by airline. My friend ordered the veggie special which was orzo covered in butter with some veggies. She hated it. If I go back, it will be for lunch and not at the bar.