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Feb 19, 2008 11:52 AM

Wrigley Rookie


I'll be in Chicago for the first time over Memorial Day weekend. I plan on going to Wrigley.
What can I get at Wrigley that I can't get elsewhere?

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  1. > What can I get at Wrigley that I can't get elsewhere?

    Cubs baseball. :)

    Wrigley has the usual stadium concessions. I'm not sure anything there is all that unique. Last time I went I was in a skybox and even there the menu, while skewed upscale, wasn't all that unusual.

    Usually people on this board ask about where to eat in the vicinity, before or after the game (like in the topic at ).

    1. The Cubs are in Pittsburgh that weekend, so I hope you mean you're going to the game on Memorial Day, when they're home against the Dodgers for a 1:20 game. I'm a nights and weekends season ticket holder, so I go to a lot of games every year. I'd say that there is nothing really special to eat at Wrigley itself. By far the best thing are the hot dogs that you can buy at some some of the stands down below the stands. They come with carmelized onions, and you can doctor them up with mustard, tomatoes, relish and sport peppers. They're pretty good for ball park food. The pizza there isn't particularly good, and nothing else is either.

      In my opinion you're much better off grabbing lunch somewhere else. Two blocks north of Wrigley on Sheffield and Sheridan is TAC Quick, and tremendous BYOB Thai place. Two miles west on California and between Addison and Belmont is Hot Doug's. Google it and check out their website. It is absolutely awesome, although they take off a lot of holidays, so you'll want to check that out ahead of time to make sure they'll be open. And if you go, get there early and plan on waiting in line for about 20-30 minutes. Another recommendation would be Giordano's on Belmont, about 4-6 blocks south of Wrigley for authentic Chicago-style stuffed crust pizza. It might be my favorite Chicago style pizza place.

      Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll help if I can. Have fun.

      1. No help here, but a funny memory- about 18-20 years ago my son and I would drive in to Wrigley fron the west suburbs. After trying to find something to eat at the Field, we discovered a Polish Restaurant and Deli on Fullerton at Mozart. They made a HUGE sandwich - cold cuts, cheese, pickles, trimmngs - you could hardly lift it. We would stop and each get one and smuggle them into the ballpark.

        Around the fourth inning, we would order a beer and a soda, and unwrap our sandwiches.

        As soon as we lifted them to our mouths, people from fifty feet in every direction would start hollering "Whereja GET those? Where's the stand?"

        We had to tell them the stand was about five miles west...

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          I do mean the Memorial Day game. Can you bring food into the stadium?

          1. re: abu applesauce

            From the Cubs website at

            "Visitors may bring food or drink items into the ballpark, which are packaged in acceptable containers."

            The acceptable containers provision is designed to exclude containers that can possibly be used to cause damage, like bottles, which could otherwise be thrown (either at players on the field or at other fans in the stands).

          2. re: MikeLM

            Funny! Sandwich envy!
            I experienced the same all through high school several years ago. My Greek buddy Yanni's parents owned a grocery store so he had plenty of amazing fine cold cuts, bread, and trimmings at his disposal. Anyway, his sandwiches became a hot commodity in the lunch room. He usually brought a second sandwich for trading purposes....for sweets, candy, pop, money, etc. LOL.