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Feb 19, 2008 11:13 AM

pudding and soy milk

I'm going to attempt again to make instant pudding with Soy Milk, it didn't set first time I tried it so I'm wondering if it has something to do with the Soy. I know if could have been a "chef" error, but if so I'm a bit embarassed to admit I messed up instant pudding:) thanks

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  1. If you're using a boxed pudding mix, its likely it won't ever set with soy milk. Something about needing the milk solids.

    1. I have a suggestion for you.. and it is easy. if the recipe calls for 2 cups of milk, try using less... like 1 1/2... you can play around with it, to get the consistency you like, but it should work a little better. it never is quite as creamy and good as home made pudding made with milk... but if you want it faster and can't have dairy... well... it'll do in a pinch.

      also, if you want to try a cooked pudding and are trying to avoid dairy... try rice milk instead of soy. I have trouble with soy milk getting a little granular/curd-ish when I cook it. both work better with a stronger flavor (like chocolate) it helps mask the rice-ish or soy-ish flavors.

      1. This might be a little off topic, but if you're looking for lactose-free puddings my friend and I made an AMAZING vegan coconut pudding that was super easy to make (but not quite instant) I don't have the recipe anymore but it's easily google-able.