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Help with a specific sort of Fried Clam need

Hi Folks-

A friend of mine--who doesn't "go on-line", hence my posting--is looking for a place in the triangle from Dedham to Attleboro to Taunton where she and her siblings can take their parents (maybe 10 people in all) for dinner. One of them is a fried clam lover and they need fried clams on the menu. Anotherr need is to meet budgetary concerns. They are looking to have some entree options at around $15.

So, the restaurant needs to be not as rustic as a clam shack, but not quite Legal's or Summer Shack.

She has checked with Finz--and they do have clams sometimes as a special, but cannot guarantee. Plus the price point is a bit higher than what they are looking for.

My thinking was Jakes in Hull--but that's a ways outside the "traingle." I've heard the Red Wing in Foxboro has great clams--but I haven't been there since childhood--would that fit the bill?

Oh--and full bar, too, for libations! :)

Thanks very much for any ideas!


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  1. Here are some suggestions, while they are not gourme, they have fried clams (full belly) and also full bar, and fit your price point. Halfway Cafe in Dedham, Pleasant Cafe in W. Roxbury/Dedham line, Corrib Pub in W. Roxbury.

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      I second Pleasant Cafe in Roslindale. Their clams are great, and plenty of other options for everyone else, including a full bar. You can see their menu here:


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        Thank you for the recommendation. They do have fried clams tonight and the market price is $19.95.

        This place sounds very interesting, and the less expensive main courses could make up the difference in total cost.

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          Just for clarification..........this is a no-bones place. Not at all fancy....The entrees are fine, but expect the old school overcooked veggies, iceberg salads, etc. Their pizza is fabulous, though.

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            Grumpy Whites is old school as well, but I give them credit for serving fried clams in the off-season,.

            It is nice to know that the Pleasant Cafe is another good option.

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              Definitely would never have thought of Pleasant Cafe as an option for fried clams, but that's good to know. I always get the pizza or veal parm with raviolis. It's a great spot, and now I'm craving clams!!

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        Jeepers Judy HP--those are great recs for this group. Having grown up in the area and worked at one of them, I know them all! As does my friend and her family. Hadn't thought of the old stopng grounds as they've all moved away/southish. I will certainly share these-thanks!

      3. Haven't been back to Red Wing in a few years, but if the quality has held up, it would serve just fine. Very casual ambience (original 50s-vintage decor, I'd guess), attractive prices, certainly has beer/wine, maybe full bar, skillful deep frying. Nothing to travel for, but hits your requirements. I recall the fries being inferior. Cash only, last I looked.

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          Ditto. Route 1 about a mile from Gillette Stadium. The clams (and the food in general, including a darn decent bar pizza) is pretty good.

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            Yes it does have a full bar. If you go don't order anything complicated though. Your 10 people won't fit, but we like the original bar side complete with the jar of pickled eggs. The bartenders are efficient and kind. Our usual order is clam roll well done, broiled scallops without the crumbs, and linguica pizza. There's plenty else on the menu but I haven't tried it and the price is right.

          2. Grumpy White's comes to mind, but good fried clams have become very expensive, and hard to find. I think they are around $18.00 and delicious, and Grumpy's has had favorable reviews on this board for fried chicken and prime rib.

            Finz has great fried oysters.

            I would call ahead to make sure.

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              I don't think the OP's friend is looking for fried clams for $15 so much as a menu that has *both* fried clams *and* some other items in the $15-and-under range.

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                Sadly, I haven't found great fried clams at this time of year for under $18.00

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                  Legal Seafoods has a fried clam app that's around $15, that can be paired with chowder or fresh shucked clams.

              2. I think Jakes is closed for a few months at this time of year.

                1. Thank you all and Allstonian is correct--Fried clams and some entrees around $15.

                  I'll pass those rec's along and anymore that come this way.

                  Heck, if they go to Grumpy's' I'll glom on!

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                    I would glom on - I think it is the best bet.

                    I would call ahead because they often run out of clams.

                    Hopefully everyone else will order fried chicken, but I would check ahead for that too!

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                      And for delicious cheap eats, serve them the falafel from Quincy.

                      1. re: chowfamily

                        Good call--if only I were planning this dining moment.

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                          Hey - you can only lead them into another direction!

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                            With tahini, it is one of the least expensive local delicious foods.

                  2. I went to the Red Wing a month ago and the clams were great. Outside the triangle, and from May through November (closed in winter), Tony's Clam Shoppe on Wollaston Beach, Quincy is very good also.

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                      I like the Clam Box in Wollaston. It opens in March. Tony's clams are excellent too, however the tarter sauce is made with Cains mayo and I don't really care for it. I was just talking to a friend today about how it was almost time to make our yearly March journey to Wollaston. I think either place are much better than Kelly's. To me, Kelly's taste like rubber. I could never understand why people like them.

                      1. re: catsmeow

                        I never gave much thought to the tarter sauce. Actually, I like Cains. Has the Clam Box rallied. It use to be filthy inside. I love the clams at Yankee Seafood. They are tops for me right now.

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                          It's very clean now. A new owner took over 2-3yrs ago and the staff is much friendlier. Last year, we went at the end of the season and there had just been a few days of unexpected hot weather. They were waiting for their clams to be delivered as they had run out. We waited for a bit and then ordered something else. Evidently, they came while we were eating. The new owner brought us out an order on the house and again, was very apologetic for being out. He also gave each of us $5 off coupons to use the next time. It's a big difference from the prior owner's attitude. Clams are made the same and are excellent. You can even get more than one napkin now without an arguement. :-)

                          1. re: catsmeow

                            Just a little side note. The previous owner's sons own Uburger in Kenmore Square.

                            1. re: Guinness02122

                              Hmmmm....That's interesting. Maybe they'll expand their menu and eventually we'll be able to get those fried clams there. I live walking distance from Uburger and it would be a nice convenience.

                    2. Jake's is definitely closed - I drove by there just yesterday. Think they reopen in April.

                      1. Just in case thinking about it makes you want to head out, Jakes is closed for the season. April reopening I think.

                        1. The Red Wing in Foxboro or a newly opened place,Fresh Catch in Attleboro.

                          1. Don't forget Moultons in Medford on Winthrop St... great clams, not a rustic shack, not as fancy as Legal/Summer Shack, prices are within your range and they sell beer/wine....

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