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Feb 19, 2008 10:42 AM

Favorite Neighborhood Lunch Spots?

Hey Hounds,

What are your favorite weekday lunch spot not located in downtown? I've got my favorites, and I go to them frequently, but I'm stuck in a rut. I'd love to have some new options. I'm up for all kinds of food in all kinds of places so long as its fresh and delicious -- some place you would go if you had the day off and wanted the "perfect" lunch experience. I prefer smaller neighborhood places that are frequented by loyal locals rather than notorious spots that draw tourists. The only requirement is that they be in SF and open during the week for lunch. Any good ideas? Thanks!

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  1. A16
    Bar Bambino

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      A new option: Tinderbox starts weekday lunch service today.

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        I love A16, Bar Bambino, Bocadillos and Zuni and all are good. Haven't been to Troya and SPQR, and had dinner at Piperade Friday night but it was just OK.

        I'd add Ti Couz, Tartine and Pizzeria Delfina in the Mission as additional great neighborhood lunch spots. There is also Old Jerusalem for Middle Eastern food and I believe I've had lunch there.

        Piccino in the Dogpatch serves lunch and is really good.

        Also in North Beach I like Mario's and L'Osteria del Forno.

        In the Richmond, Pizzetta 211, especially outside on a sunny day is a great place to play hooky.

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          Pizzetta 211 is one of my favorites. I forgot about them!

      2. Same question, but for the East Bay?

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        1. Berkeley-Oakland area spots for a leisurely lunch:

          Cesar: seven days from noon

          Cafe Rouge: M-Sat. 11:30-3, brunch Sun 10-2:30; Tues.-Sun. limited menu until dinner (no dinner Monday)

          Chez Panisse: M-Th 11:30-3, F-Sat 11:30-3:30, reservations essential

          Dopo: M-F 11:30-2:30

          Eccolo: M-F 11:30-3, S&S brunch 11-4; then limited menu until dinner (reservations a good idea on the weekend)

          Oliveto: upstairs M-F 11:30-2; downstairs 7 days 11:30-3

          Sea Salt: from 11:30 M-F, brunch from 10 S&S

          Wood Tavern: Mon.-Sat. 11:30-3; then limited menu until dinner

          1. In addition to those mentioned

            Potrero Hill-
            Slow club
            Universal Cafe

            Potrero Hill- upper hill
            Chez Papa- when the weather is nice

            North Beach-
            Rose Pistola

            Hayes Valley-
            Modern Tea- simple food and fresh
            Hayes Street Grill

            Ella's not the same as above but good for the specials like Tuesday fried chicken and love the chocolate cake more for comfort food less about overall experience.

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            1. re: Lori SF

              Oh, Modern Tea reminds me of Samovar in the Castro on Sanchez at 18th. They are open from 10 a.m. every day, I think.

              1. re: Lori SF

                Thanks for the suggestion, LoriSF. I met friends today at Slow Club for lunch, and it was great. Their mac-and-cheese was outrageous. I'm compiling a list as people answer, so thanks to everyone so far. Keep them coming!

              2. As others have already said, Pizzeria Delfina and Pizzetta 211.

                Just for You Cafe (Dogpatch)
                Brenda's French Soul Food (Tenderloin)
                Chichen Itza (Mission, now called Poc Chuc?)
                Thai House Express (Castro location is more pleasant)
                Turtle Tower for pho ga (Tenderloin)
                Darbar (Nob Hill)-not buffet
                Pakwan (Mission)
                Foreign Cinema (Mission)-only open for lunch on weekends
                Ming Tai Wun-Tun Noodle for shrimp dumplings and wontons (Sunset)
                Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market when the Tuesday market is open
                Hog Island Oyster Bar (Ferry Plaza)

                Out of town bonus-Duarte's in Pescadero for bloody marys, soup, and french fries.

                Looking for-Good entree salads that don't break the bank.

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                1. re: Candice

                  Great recommendations though note that most of those places are more for a quick lunch with great food rather than someplace you'd want to linger.

                  Chichen Itza used to be Popol Vuh (the cook bought the place, food's the same). The restaurant inspections refer to it as Poc-Chuc, so maybe that's the name of the partnership or something.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    I read that they recently had to change the name again to Poc-Chuc b/c another restaurant owned the rights to the name "Chichen Itza."