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Feb 19, 2008 10:39 AM

Great steak and cheese in NH?

I actually love D'Angelo's but they are skimping on the meat and it was already a little expensive. I've tried USA Subs in Derry, Theo's in Manchester, and Pizza Bella in Bedford but all weren't that awesome. Anyone have a good steak and cheese to recommend?

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  1. Manchester West Side...Bob Nadeau's
    Manchester East Side...Sandy's Variety
    Manchester Downtown...Joe Kelley's

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    1. re: viva manchvegas

      What is it about them that you enjoy?

      1. re: observor

        Lots of beef tips slightly marinated in Italian dressing (flap meat, aka steak tips is the only acceptable meat to use), cooked on a well seasoned flat top, real american cheese, ala land o lakes, fantina sub roll delivered fresh that day. There are many short cuts that owners may employ along the way, but if they are stying true to this formula they will have a good steak and cheese. Evidently Nadeau's has fallen off by changing the formula.

      2. re: viva manchvegas

        Tried Joe Kelley's, and while the steak seemed to be pretty good, if a little salty, there was so little of it, it is hard to really say. Have to say I still love D'Angelo's, wish they weren't so skimpy.

      3. We used to like Pappy's..on elm st. It's like a marinated steak and cheese. good fresh bread. Although we haven't been in quite some time. May have changed.

        1. ok, Nadeaus has gone downhill... they want almost 10 bucks for a greasy pit of cheap steakums.

          try Sub Contractors on Debuque St, right near Catholic Medical Center, small hole in the wall place, but the subs are awesome, huge and cheap. Last I checked he used steak tips and not "steak ums" type of swill.

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          1. re: gryphonskeeper

            Did not know Nadeau's went to the dark side. That is sacreligous that they are not using tips. All good runs must come to an end I guess. i haven't been to the West side in forever so that's what i get for speaking on rep.

            1. re: viva manchvegas

              Add Candia Rd Convenience Store to the list. I find them as good, if not better than Sandy's Variety.

          2. Pizza Express (in Manch) makes the best subs ever. I usually do a roll up (they do it the best). Their ingredients are sooo fresh. Their steak is sooo tender and delish, I also often get the steak tip salad. I'm disappointed in most steak and cheese because they lack flavor & steak is fatty/stringy - Pizza Express is awesome, like they are using really good meat.

            If you are a little south, the Glenview in Chelmsford (just off Rt. 3) has awesome subs too. I haven't had the steak and cheese but they look awesome and family raves, I usually do the hot pastrami there.

            I'm on weight watchers now, so these I won't endulge for a while - enjoy one for me! :-)

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            1. re: lexpatti

              Where is pizza express? My hubby is the steak and cheese lover, and I would like to try them out as well.

              1. re: gryphonskeeper

                On the corner of Valley and Maple - in that little plaza with Gill's Indian and that Spice Market, Store24, etc. I'm trying to eat a lot healthier so been having their salads more often now - can't believe how fantastically fresh their vegies are and with the grilled chicken salad - they are chix breasts/or huge tenders cooked perfect (moist, not dry) with some seasoning and like 3 or 4 big pieces (too much so I take a breast or two home for other meals). Same with the steak tip salad - very tender, not dry. I love their pizza too but it's their subs and salads that I'm shocked at the quality.

                1. re: lexpatti

                  We did Pizza Express - it was very good, we didn't do Shaved Steak - we did Steak Tips - they were a little well done but overall pretty good, we will be going back to check out the traditional Steak and Cheese next week.

              2. re: lexpatti


                A good steak and cheese sub 1/2 is only around 9 points. Good for a craving day and hold back on other things.

              3. Actually, if you get up as far north as Littleton, the pizza place on Main Street makes a good one.