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Feb 19, 2008 10:38 AM

Donovan's Pub, Woodside?

Drove by Donovan's Pub yesterday, and was tempted to go in and try it, but it was a bit too early in the day. Are their burgers really about as good as you can get in New York (or Queens at least)?

Are there any other pubs in Woodside that have decent burgers and good atmosphere? I'll be in the area in a few days, and might want to try Donovan's or another spot nearby.

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  1. Never been to Donovans but from what I hear the burgers are really that good. Saints and Sinners is has some good food, but I have never had their burgers. I would stay away from the food at the Cuckoo's Nest. The Starting Gate, Sean Og's and the Dugout both have good atmosphere but no food. I order in to the Dugout all the time and I believe you can do that at the Gate and Og's as well. There are a ton of places to get food from in the area and sometimes you can get them to deliver to the bar.

    I'm not sure about Donovan's but all of the other places are Irish mainstays and the chances of American's being in most of these places are slim, but everyone is really friendly. With some of these bars, it really depends on the night you are there.

    Saints and Sinners: 5921 Roosevelt Ave. Website:
    Cuckoo's Nest: 6104 Woodside Ave
    The Starting Gate: 59-10 Woodside Ave
    The Dugout: 39-76 61st St
    Sean Og's: 60-02 Woodside Ave

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      Saints and Sinners looks good. Is there easy parking either there? Do you know if parking is pretty easy for Donovan's? Actually, they are really close to each other, aren't they?

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        They are pretty close. Parking isn't really that bad (all relative, of course). If you can find a spot without a meter, it helps. The meters down there are 1 hour only and have to be fed until 7pm, so if you go early you'll have to keep running out to the car. Everything down there is really close, so even if you have to go a few blocks, it really takes no time at all to walk to wher you are going. If you are staying in the city, the 7 train runs right along that part of Roosevelt. You could take that to 61st and then walk over to Saints.

    2. Donovan's is excellent, I had my doubts also until I went. I wouldn't say it was a transcendent experience or the best burger I've ever had in my life, BUT, it was really really good. And it was reasonably priced too. I'll definitely head back there.

      1. I like Donovan's a lot -- the burgers are good (but super messy) and their shepherd's pie is very tasty (and, as recommended/commanded by the waitress, slosh some steak sauce on it -- not A1, the other kind they have there -- it added a nice bit of tang to the dish). And their Guinness is fresh. What more could you need?

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          Yes, the Guiness is fresh, they take their time drawing it and burgers are top rate. What more could you need, maybe an Irish coffee to top off?

        2. The burger is very good. Ridiculously juicy and flavorful (get it with the fried onions, they are not crispy but more like caramelised onions). You have to eat it as soon as it hits the table though or the bun will be a mushy doughball. The fries are hit or miss. I have been where they have literally been the best fries that I have ever had and then the next time they will be soggy....strange. The ambiance of the place is worth it, try and sit in one of the little cubbies.

          1. First of all, go to Donovan's ... now. You asked though, are there any other pubs with good burgers. The answer is Horgan's in Sunnyside - Queens Blvd. between 42nd & 43rd. Now for a surprise recommendation. Try the De Mole burger at De Mole. It's amazing. Great ground chuck on a large english muffin with a perfect combination of lettuce, onion and mayo. Yum. Get it with cheese.

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              I second both the Donovan's and the Horgan's recs. I think Donovan's burgers are somewhat better, but Horgan's is a close second IMO.