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Flambe downtown?

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Hey everyone. I have been reading posts for quite a while but this is my first time posting. I love this site. :)

I was wondering, has any one had a flambe downtown? I have always wanted to try one and I always see it on The Food Network but I have no idea which restaurant offers it. I've been to many, many restaurants downtown but I've yet to see it on a menu.


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  1. Flambe of what? Flambe as far as I know is a cooking term that can refer to many dishes.. you can Flambe a dessert (Crepe Suzzette) but you could also Flambe a meat dish...

    1. Think old school and think steakhouses...
      Steak Dianne, Cherries Jubilee, Crepes Suzette, Baked Alaska, Bananas Foster...

      Tom Jones
      Harbour Sixty

      For a cheap flambé fix order the Saganaki in Greektown. Opa !
      If you're ever in Kingston, go to the General Wolfe Restaurant, they flambé everything, fabulous 1982 !
      I say bring back the flambé and waiters with no eyebrows !

      Welcome to Chowhound :- )

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        Bairrada Churrasqueira on College flambees sausage and serves it in a ceramic pig dish. http://www.bairrada.ca/menus.html

      2. Ooh I should have been more specific. I meant a flambe dessert.

        And Mila, I've had flaming cheese before in Greektown. ;-) It was delish, with a squirt of lemon.

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            Thanks! I think I might just go try it because I was just watching "Toronto Dining" this morning on TV and they were talking about Opal and it looks interesting.

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              It's a very good spot. All the food is excellent. Check out the busboy who is the spitting image of Manuel from Fawlty Towers.