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Feb 19, 2008 10:15 AM

How to make a makeshift pastry bag?

Help! I have to make cupcakes tonight, and the recipe involves squirting cream cheese in with a pastry bag, which I have no time to acquire today. Is there something I can gin up, maybe with saran wrap and rubber bands?

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  1. Fill a plastic bag. Snip off a bottom corner w/ scissors.

    1. Cut the corner out of a plastic food storage bag. Start with a tiny snip first then snip tiny bits until the hole is the right size. You can also make a triangle out of parchement and fill.

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        Thank you both. I'd like to think I would have thought of that eventually, but you never know.

      2. To add a little more detail, use a one-gallon zip-top bag and snip off the corner. Start small with your snipping and do some tests. Snip too much too soon and you don't have a pastry bag -- you have a funnel.

        1. If the recipe calls for the cream cheese to be added before baking then you can forego the bag and just fill about 1/2 way then add a dollop of cream cheese in the centre then fill the cups up the rest of the way. If they're to be filled after baking (like a jelly donut for instance) I'm wondering what success you'll have with a ziploc bag since I usually need the metal tip to make the hole... maybe cut down a straw and secure with an elastic.

          I came late to this post - and I'm curious - have you made the cupcakes? and what did you work up in place of a pastry bag?