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Feb 19, 2008 10:08 AM

San Diego for Anniversary

I will be in San Diego (from New York) for a wedding which overlaps with my first wedding anniversary. I would love to find a restaurant to celebrate my anniversary that is charming, ideally on the water or with beautiful views and that has delicious food. It doesn't need to be high end. Suggestions please? Thanks!

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  1. Going with your "beautiful view" preference, I'll throw out two of the usual La Jolla choices - The Marine Room and George's California Modern.

    1. Island Prime has a nice harbor view, you may also want to look into a harbor dinner cruise.

      1. It's not by the water but The Better Half would be a good choice. Good food, reasonably priced, charming setting.

        1. There are several options along Prospect St. in La Jolla, all are a bit pricy Top O' the Cove, Azul, George's at the Cove, etc. One romantic place I enjoyed is Elario's on the top floor of the Summerhouse Inn also in La Jolla off N. Torrey Pines Road. Food is great, view is great, but location seems a bit out of place. Another fabulous restaurant I haven't been to in many years is Mr. A's. Its on the top floor of the Wells Fargo building near downtown San Diego. Its not near the water but is very romantic with impeccable service. Coronado also has quite a few restaurants along the beach front. (That's where I got married!) So there are a few restaurants in the hotel, facing the ocean...lovely view!

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            "all are a bit pricy Top O' the Cove"

            Top of the Cove is closed, "for renovation" according to a sign out front.

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              Elario's has been closed for at least ten years. The hotel is no longer the Summer House Inn, but the Hotel La Jolla at the Shores. The restaurant that took over Elario's location is called Clay's. IIRC, Clay's has gotten good but not spectacular reviews, and it's fairly expensive.

              1. re: mikec

                Actually it was closed for a few years before the renovation, then it reopened under the name of Elario's . I had a chance to visit the restuarant a few times before and after the change--much less than 10 years ago--more like 2-3 years. If you google it, the info still shows up. I knew I wasn't dreaming it!

            2. I would also recommend Better Half. No, there's no view, but you could walk around Hillcrest before or after dinner, which could be nice if it's not too cold. The decor is cozy, like a little French cottage. The food is excellent, really innovative. The service is wonderful, very knowledgeable. My boyfriend took me there for Valentine's Day and I'm skeptical of eating out on Vday, but the food and service were perfect.