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Feb 19, 2008 09:35 AM

muffaletta in KC ????

does anyone know where i can find a descent muffaletta in the kc area....and no...don't say Jazz..thanks

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  1. hmmm, don't kill me but Schlotzsky's? i'm not 100% certain what's on a Muffaletta other than the olive tapenade...and the original at Schlotzsky's has that plus salami, ham, cheese, etc. am i way off base? i know, it's a chain....

    1. I'm pretty sure YJ's (472-5533) has a good one, or used to at least.

      1. You might try The Cashew, my husband liked the one he had there.

        1. McAllisters Deli has a muffaletta on the menu. You even buy it by the qtr. I thought it was good but haven't had one anywhere else so can't compare. I am curious as to the authenticity, anyone know?

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            McAllister's Deli is also a chain. That doesn't make it bad (automatically) and that doesn't make it authentic either. I have enjoyed several meals at Schlotzky's and at McAllister's Deli locations over the years.

          2. years ago I use to buy muffaletta sandwich from The Better Cheddar on the plaza