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Feb 19, 2008 09:32 AM

Burlington, VT?

Any suggestions for lunch and dinner in Burlington for me and my HS senior, while we're visiting UVM? I'm an adventurous eater, she is NOT. I'm thinking Bove's, Al's, maybe Smokejack's, if it's not too expensive. I saw place called Greensleeve's, but saw nothing on CH, which makes me suspicious. Any other suggestions for places that will give her the flavor of Burlington?

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  1. Al's for burgers & fries. Smokejacks to eat good with the locals. Stone Soup (on College) to eat with the students. Sweetwaters (Church & College) to eat with students & visiting parents.

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      There are also many dining options right on campus in the new Davis Center (open to the public). Leunig's (Church St) would be a good choice for lunch / dinner and Taste would be a good option for dinner.

    2. The Red Onion! If you've never been you have to go and for a HS senior there's nothing not to like about the classic "Red Onion" sandwich. I'm heading to Burlington this weekend and one of my first stops will be there!

      1. I agree on Al's as long as you and your daughter are not extremely health-conscious, otherwise I don't think you'll really enjoy your meal there. I would recommend Papa Frank's in Winooski over Bove's for a cheap Italian place as the food at Papa Frank's in my experience is bigger, better, and cheaper than Bove's. I would strongly recommend American Flatbread downtown also. It's busy (I don't think they take reservations but just put your name on the list and then walk around downtown while you wait) and somewhat pricey for pizza ($15-18 for a large flatbread) but the ingredients are good (local/organic when possible) and the food is delicious. Hopefully your daughter is willing to take some chances there as the combinations they've taste great. (I recommend the New Vermont Sausage or the popular Revolution Flatbread).

        You may also want to check out City Market as most UVM students live off-campus junior and senior years and do most of their shopping at City Market. They've got hot food, sandwiches, sushi, and interesting ethnic foods too, in addition to groceries, produce, etc.

        I've never eaten at Smokejack's but in my experience, for a moderately-priced quality meal in Burlington, you can't beat the Daily Planet. They tend to have a nice mix of somewhat experimental as well as traditional items on the menu.You can check them out here

        1. Stay away, far away from Sweetwater's or really any thing other than a Deli or coffee shop on Church Street (Luenigs would be my only exception, just for the fact that they still have good Steak Frites). Yes on the Red Onion, Stone Soup will give you a feel for the scene about town. American Flatbread and Penny Cluse would be my dinner and lunch suggestions, but both have lines so put your name in before you're starving and then walk around town. Have fun.

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            has anyone been to the "new " Scuffer Steak and Alehouse ??

          2. Greenstreet's is gone, the owner closed it last year, and reinvented it as a French bistro called Quatre. My wife and I had lunch there at Christmas, and it was pretty good. The escargots were excellent, but given that one requirement is "no adventurous food" for your hs senior, Quatre is out.

            Personally, I don't think there's much on Church Street that is worth a darn, I'm really glad the snotty Adrianna's bit the dust, a truly second rate restaurant. Leunig's atmosphere is lovely and lively, but the food has always been average at best.

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              The NECI location closing was a loss to Church St. when it closed.